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Helping You Rediscover the Expression of Your Truest Divine Nature


I have a sacred offering for you.

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The sacred

offering is...

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Would you like to know what it is?

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A YOU that knows you are divinely supported.

A YOU that delights in the blossoming of your divine gifts.

A YOU that has a sacred connection to the Divine within you. 

A YOU that leaps from old limiting paradigms into creating desireable new ones.

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Hi, I'm Chernise.

I am a Divine DNA Activator, a Channeler of Archangels & Ascended Masters and a Light Language Coach.

​Your Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divine Guides and I re-introduce you to YOU...


  • By creating a safe and inviting space for dormant aspects of your divine dna to gently awaken, bringing you face-to-face with divine gifts that were within you all along.

  • By reaching across dimensions to transmute limiting programs that no longer serve you, and redirecting the momentum of their energy to aspects of higher timelines that are ready to be lived by you now. 

  • By offering divine guidance that both reflects to you, and guides you to the undeniable magesty of your true divine nature. 


All with the intent of helping you have a sensorial experience of your unique expression of the divine within. 

After All...

"You Are Not Here To Re-Create What Already Is."
- Your Archangels



FREE Financial Abundance Activation MP3

Listen to this audio to align your energy field with that of your most abundant self

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My Signature Programs

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Connect to Your Soul. Sing Its Song. Embody Its Joy.


Reignite your relationship with your soul by activating the divine light codes of its sacred language. This helps you to more easily align with your multidimensional self and opens doorways to expressing even more of your innate divine abilities.  This 4-week class is overlit by the gentle yet powerful presence of Ascended Master Mother Mary.

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Open Your Channel. Connect to Archangels. Receive Their Guidance.


Attuning you to your ability to vocally channel angelic guidance to better serve your clients.  You receive the protocols, tools and activations necessary to learn how to safely channel messages and energy from Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Divine Beings. This 8-Week class is overlit by Ascended Master Mother Mary

My Signature Programs
1:1 Private Sesson

Or Work With Me 1:1 to Create More Personalized Shifts In Your World

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Quantum Re-Patterning Package


The Power That You Have to create within your personal matrix superseeds the power that any other matrix has to create in your world - except for the areas where you have accepted its limiting beliefs as truths.  Regardless of whether you accepted them in your current lifetime or any other. I'll work with your overlighting Archangels, Divine Guides and the quantum field to uncover and transmute these limiting beleifs, wherever they exist across time or incarnations, so there is significantly less resistance for the law of attraction to move through in order to reaquaint you with what you desire to experience.

Because your bespoke Quantum Re-Patterning sessions are entirely divinely guided, they may also contain light language, angelic toning, channeled messages or various divine light tools.


In our 3 months together you will receive:

  • 1 - 30 Minute Quantum Prep & Intention Session

  • 3 - 60 Minute Quantum Repatterning Sessions (1 per month for 3 months)

  • 1 - 60 Minute pre-recorded Light Language SOUL Bath to support your process

  • Recordings of all sessions

Long-Distance Archangel Healing Session


In these 90-minute sessions I work directly with Archangel Raphael, the healing Angels and your highest spirit guides to channel their healing light codes to you.  These light codes help you reach a state of relaxation by transmuting “stuck” energy which makes it easy for your phyical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to be receptive to the divinely guided energy attunements. 

After the session, we connect by zoom so I can share my findings, along with any messages that the Archangels have for you. 


This session is wonderful for you if:

  • You feel stuck and you are not sure why.

  • You want to energetically upgrade your system

  • You want to treat yourself to basking in archangelic energy


In your 90 minute session you will receive:

  • 1 - 60 Minute Archangel Energy Attunement Session

  • 1 - 30 Minute Follow-Up Zoom Session to Discuss Findings

  • A recording of the 30 - minute Zoom Debrief

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Upcomng Events

Upcoming Events

EVENTS Earth Workshop.jpg

Connecting with Gaia for Deep Healing

With Jade D'Cruz

Copy of Path of Return (1).jpg

Guiding You Through a Changing World

With Pierre Dubois

Mindful Organizing (1).jpg

A Mind/Body Approach to Declutering

With Uncommon Goods

"I have been a long time member of the personal development club and a healer in my own right. But after many decades I have yet to encounter a more loving transformational environment than the one created by Chernise and Archangel Uriel.  Even in the raw pain of heartbreak they were able to tell me what I so did not want to hear without once leaving me feeling any less loved or valued....words I don't believe I could've heard from anyone else. 

Words can never express the depth of my gratitude for the work we've done and the time we've shared.  To be in the energy of the Archangels that Chernise channels is the most delicious healing and restorative space I've ever experienced." 


-Sidney Allen

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