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FREE Intro Evening

Transmute Resistance & Redirect Momentum to Create your Reality with Greater Ease!

Have You Ever Wanted To Feel Lighter?

Just generally lighter in your day to day experience...? 

When energy-signatures no longer serve you but are active in your energy field, they can feel "heavy." 

Let's let them go. 


Let's welcome assistance. 


Let's invite the Archangels & Ascended Masters. 

As these old beliefs and programs get re-directeed and re-patterned, it is easier to move into FLOW and allow its divinely sweeping current to carry you. 


As a result, you feel lighter.'re in greater alignment with your divine blueprint.

If you would like to experience this and learn what else happens in the monthly Angelic Abundance Accelerator Experiment, bring an area of your life you would like to shift and your beautiful hearts to the Angelic Abundance Accelerator Experiment Intro Evening. 

During this session, you will not only learn why releasing resistance to your abundance brings you into greater alignment with your divinity, but you will actually experience the shifts and benefits that occur during the monthly Quantum Re-Patterning sessions.

In our time together you will receive:


  • Background info about the Angelic Abundance Accelerator Experiment

  • 60 minutes of LIVE, interactive Quantum Re-Patterning

  • A powerful tool you can use daily to begin your own re-patterning

  • Discounts, divine guidance and more


This evening is overlit by Ascended Master Kuthumi and Universal

Mother Mary.

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Hi I'm Chernise,

Your Host.

I am a Divine DNA Activator, Channeling Coach, Light Language Coach and Channeler of Archangels & Ascended Masters.  I am passionate about helping you step into the important process of co-creating your world from your high-heart and in partnership with the Divine. Let's play together and create a continuous expansion of all sorts of abundance, divine alignment and joyful sovereignty for you! 

The FREE Introductory Evening has ended but you can watch the replay here.

Light Language & Archangel Toning: Level 2 Begins July 1st

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