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About Me

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Hi, I'm Chernise!

I am a Divine DNA Activator, Channeling Coach, Light Language Coach, Channeler of Archangels & Ascended Masters, and Professional Organizer.  I am passionate about helping you step into the important process of co-creating your world from your high-heart and in partnership with the Divine. It is my delight to support you on this journey and serve as your jumping-off point for a deeper dive into your True Self.  Let's play together and create a continuous expansion of all sorts of abundance, divine alignment and joyful sovereignty for you! 

How I Started Channeling

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In 2007, after having been in the closet about my interest in the metaphysical for 15+ years, I met an amazing woman who became my spiritual mentor.  In the early days, I worked with her only once every two or three months, because During that time I was able to ask her questions about my life and she would offer guidance that helped me look at things from a more divine perspective.  I had a sincere interest in spirituality but was pretty non-committal about it until I came upon what I like to call an energetic “impasse.” Apparently, I had raised my vibration enough while working with her that I had to either poop or get off the pooper. The name I’ve given to the ensuing series of unable-to-ignore physical experiences that helped me make that decision is: "Channeling Transition Symptoms." 


One of those symptoms I experienced felt similar to what I imagine claustrophobia to feel like, even though I’ve never been claustrophobic. I grew up as a dancer and come from a pretty healthy family so when I started having this seemingly unexplainable physical symptom, it really caught my attention.  Basically, If I walked into a certain type of public building (clothing store, book store), I felt as if a huge, unseen hand was trying to press me down to the ground. I remember trying to shop for cute summer clothes several different times and having to rush out of the store in hopes of receiving some type of relief before even getting a chance to browse the clothes. I wish I could say that was the only (or the most frightening) symptom I experienced, but there were many more.  If you think you might be experiencing some channeling transition symptoms, find out more about them HERE.  

My first action was to tell my spiritual mentor about this because she was the ONLY person I could even think of that might have some idea of what was happening.  Since she didn't know what was going on either, she suggested I see a physician. Because these experiences felt energetic in nature and because my mentor had previously suggested that I meet with her every two weeks, I chose to raise the frequency of our visits in hopes that doing so might give me some understanding of my current experiences.  We worked together for some time and then one day, while I was sitting at my desk at the investment bank I worked in, My hands flew to the keyboard and started typing.  Involuntarily!!!  


Even though I remember that moment very clearly, I wish I could accurately describe what I felt.  The best that I can say is that I was freaked out. The only reason I wasn't completely freaked out was because I had read that something of a slightly similar nature happened to the woman who channels Abraham-Hicks when she began to channel.  As a blessing in that moment, this part of Esther's story is what came to mind because I still didn't know that I was channeling.  I just knew that my hands started moving with their own obvious intent, and without my conscious direction. Also, my hands and arms seemed to feel "joyful" to be typing  - it was just my response to what was happening that held all of the resistance energy, aka. the "what-the-eff-is-going-on-right-now!!?" energy. 

When the "messages" first came through, they were completely illegible and were just a series of rambling letters and numbers.  Even though I couldn't consciously read what my hands had typed, I felt that these "messages" were important so I emailed them to myself.  Each time I opened one of these emails I felt an overwhelming wave of love and light.  In a few weeks, after following some intuited guidance, the writing became clear. I learned that the name of the being communicating through me was called Rose and her energy was very loving and compassionate.  She ended up typing over 300 messages through me, all of which I saved. She helped me with everything from building a table to forgiving myself to relationship assistance, and it was wonderful.


One evening she said that she would soon be speaking through me and asked me to get a recording device.  The only reason I did it was because I felt that her energy was divine, but please know that I was still freaked out and weirded out.  The thought of doing this was wayyyyy outside of my comfort zone. I had no idea what the process of allowing another being to speak through me would be like and I definitely wondered if my sanity was still in tact.  

Rose knew that I was concerned and gave me several energy-based tools to help me be at peace during this process which I've included in the Channeling for Wellness Practitioners program.  So once I had the recording device, I sat down in my living room to begin “channeling.” On the very first day, the only word that she vocalized through me was, “Hello. Hello. Hello.” She said it over and over - maybe 50 times - and it felt like she was gently familiarizing herself with moving my facial muscles.   The second day, all she said through me was, "We love you.  All is well."  She repeated it over and over and it felt so lovely that it put me right at ease.

Each day after that, I sat at my computer and recorded short messages from these divine guides as I got more and more comfortable with the process. About three months later, during a healing session, my healer said she thought that Rose might be leaving soon and that an Archangel would start speaking through me and that’s exactly what happened. That’s the short version of how I began to channel.  Now I left out a lot of the “what the h****?” moments and scary bumps that were part of this process, but for all of the scary bumps, there was so much beauty and love and reassurance and confirmation.  


I also know that for several people who have the ability to channel as part of their divine blueprint to be expressed in this lifetime, these abilities are being activated by ascension energies - even though they might not consciously be aware of it yet.  This activation might feel like odd physical symptoms or it might simply feel like an increasingly strong desire to connect with Archangels or Ascended Masters.


My Channeling for Wellness Practitioners program was created to serve them and potentially save them years of frustration and physical discomfort that can come with being in the middle of a transition process that you’re not aware that you're in.  If this is where you currently find yourself, it is my honor to work with the Archangels and Ascended Masters to move you through this process gracefully with great love and support.  It is also my honor to serve you if you would like some angelic guidance to lovingly reframe your persperctive of your experiences into a more self-empowered one.  Either way, I am ready and happy to be of service!

Started Channeling
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