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What is an Archangel?


Think of an Archangel as a focus of divine consciousness that delights in helping you along your journey. They offer no resistance to their own divinity because they did not need to go through the veil of forgetfulness that is required when you coose to take on human form.  Because of that their focus is consistent, pure and powerful.

What Do They Look Like?

We usually imagine Archangels as winged men or women when in fact they are pure consciousness appering in the likeness of a human (if that is how they appear to you - more often than not, you will just "feel" them as a loving presence) or any form they choose to take.

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How Do They Help Me?

Archangels see you as the perfect divine being that you are which is why it feels so wonderful to be in their presence.  Their love for all that you are, exactly as you are now, can feel intoxicating and the space that they patiently hold for you offers a powerful calling for you to step forward into the discovery of who you truly are. 

There are many more than 12 Archangels working with humankind at present but these are the ones that are the most well known.  You can reach out to them for assistance with any area of your life.  

The 12 Archangels and What They are Associated With:


Ariel                   Environmental Causes, Prosperity, Feelings of Confidence

Azrael                Grieving, Supporting Healers, Compassion

Chamuel           Career, Personal Peace, Being Centered

Gabriel              Writing Books, Feeling Safe, Inner Child

Haniel                Nurturing, Discovering Hidden Talents, Natural Cycles

Jophiel              Space Clearing, Seeing Beauty Everywhere, Slowing Down

Metatron           Sacred Geometry, Organizing Priorities, Chakra Clearing

Michael             Protection, Divinely Aligned Power, Unwavering Faith 

Raphael            Healing, Heart Chakra, Safe Travels

Raziel                Reclaiming Your Power, Spiritual Understanding, Clairvoyance

Sandalphon      Living with Integrity, Music, Answering Prayers

Uriel                  Claircognizance, Divine Inspiration, Positive Thoughts

Scroll Through the Slides Below for a Message

from Each Archangel

Archangel Raphiel


Dear Ones, when you are looking to your heart for guidance there are so many things that are important about that that we would like to share them with you so they can help you begin to prioritize this process.  When you look to your heart, you are acknowledging first and foremost that there is something, an energy, within you that is very wise. Many people do not think of themselves as wise so even admitting that there is something within that might guide you is very important. This is contributing to yourself as being aware of being an extension of the Godhead. 

The second thing that is important about looking to your heart for guidance is acknowledging the importance of feelings as a lighthouse. There are so many ways that feelings and emotions have been squashed in your society as something of very little value when in fact the opposite is true. Your feelings are a guide, a source of fuel, a reflection of where you are at any moment. They are important indeed and when you look to your feelings in this way, you are affirming that your internal system can assist with the external world in some way. You are acknowledging that there is more to your world than what is seen and experienced in the external, and that somehow the internal can navigate you through it. 

And finally the importance of doing this is that each time you do this, because you are an extension of the Godhead and a divinely creative being, all that you hold within the fertile soil of your gaze must expand.  Each time you look to your heart for guidance, your guidance signal becomes stronger and this is very definitely what we desire for you. 


Light Language & Archangel Toning: Level 2 Begins July 1st

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