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Light Language

The awareness of Light language in increasing amounts of humanity signals a beautiful thing: that each of our souls is ready for us to conciously reconnect with it and feel its joy in our lives more consistently! 

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What is Diamond SOULar Light Language?


Light language is a transfer of multi-dimensional & multi-dynamic light codes from a divine being in a higher vibrating dimension to, and through you.  It is most commonly expressed in a sound-based form but can also be expressed in written form, danced, painted, etc.

Diamond SOULar Light Language is light language that was activated by Universal Mother Mary. It holds a particular energy signature and appeals to those who connect with her energy or feel that divine service is their soul's calling. This light language carries many of her divine attributes.

Diamond SOULar Light Healing is a light language-based healing modality that Universal Mother Mary channeled through me.

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Light Language & Archangel Toning Classes

Click the images below for more information 

Level 1: Singing Your Soul's Song


  • 4-week course

  • Activations for your soul's light language & archangel toning

  • Actvation for Diamond SOULar Light healing for personal use

Level 2: Cosmic Connections


  • 4-week course

  • Activations for light language of Unicorns, Dragons, the Sun and your Galactic family

  • Additional practice using Diamond SOULar Light healing

Level 3: Practitioner Training 


  • 6-week certificate course

  • Attunements to activate light language, archangel toning, & Diamond SOULar Light Healing within clients 

  • Activations for mermaid, fairy, tree, dolphin & celestial light language 

If enrollment is closed for the above classes but you would still like to learn light language...


You can purchase this $44 download that contains activations for light language & archangel toning and begin speaking light language today.

It also includes bonuses to support your journey:

Bonus 1: Throat Chakra Clearing

It is not necessary to transmute blocks in your throat chakra before speaking light language but it can be a benefit to do so.

Bonus 2: Light Language Play-Dates

After purchasing this download, you wil receive acces to bi-monthly online gatherings to practice light language with others and increase your starseed community.

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