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Learn to Channel Archangels
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What is the Channeling for Wellness Practitioners Program?

Channeling for Wellness Practitioners is an 8-week, online program that is overlit by Ascended Master Mother Mary. It is designed to give you the protocols, tools and activations necessary to learn how to safely channel messages and energy from Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Divine Beings. 

This program helps you, the wellness practitioner (or wellness practitioner in-the-making. You never know what lies ahead!), learn how to reliably embody and transmit the energy of these divine beings.  It does so in a way that up-shifts the vibration of your own energy field and helps you to align more with your own divine blueprint. As a result, you learn a new energy-based modality to offer your clients, you leap forward on your own spiritual journey, and any other modality you choose to work with is naturally more effective.  


It also gives you practical experience and the confidence that comes with it ~ each participant has a minimum of four opportunities to channel for someone besides themselves while in the program.


"I think this is...divinely timed with the way we are all evolving - as more  people are becoming interested in energy healing (or are already training or trained in alternative healing) the next step will surely be opening to non-physical guidance via channeling....and you are such a great guide for this."


- Stephanie Lin

Life Coach, Member of the Activate Your Channeling Abilities FB Group

What's included in the Program?

The program takes place entirely online and proceeds in 8 weekly increments.  Each week contains modules of informational videos, interactive tools, and energetic attunements, activations or guided visualizations from the Archangels or Ascended Masters that are working with you.  And once you enroll in the program, you have access to the course materials, video modules and tools for as long as the program exists.

Once a week, there is a live group video call where you can ask questions about any part of the process and share your experiences with others who are also activating their channeling abilities.  During these live videos you'll also receive angelic toning, light language and divine guidance from the divine beings I channel so they can offer you any energetic attunements or information that will support you on your journey.


Throughout the 8-week program, you also receive one 1:1 call with me for personalized support and two additional contingency calls, if needed. 

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Who is the Channeling for Wellness Practitioners Program for?

 Our ideal members usually fall into one of the categories below:

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You understand the way the Universe communicates with you and lately you’ve been seeing more feathers, pennies, and/or angel numbers than usual. Recently, you’ve been resonating strongly with divinely channelled material and you may have even reconnected with an ascended master that worked with you earlier in your journey.  If any of these are the case, it’s because now is the time for the next step of your journey and this next step is involves an even clearer connection with these divine beings.


You are a wellness practitioner that truly wants to empower your clients and make a difference in their lives. You desire to be of highest service to them and you may wonder if learning another modality will help you to do that. Even though your activated ability to channel divine guidance and divine energy is an additional modality that you can offer your clients, it is the resulting upgrading of the light codes in your energy field that will be of greatest assistance to your clients and all those you interact with. 



Your vibration is high and  recently you’ve been experiencing odd physical sensations that physicians seem to have no explanation for. What you might not have thought of is the possibility that these sensations might be associated with the processing of becoming a channel.  All channels don’t experience physical "side effects" while awakening their channeling abilities, but some do.  If you are experiencing some of the symptoms listed HERE, this program can help you navigate this transition with ease and clarity.

I will be forever grateful for the work Chernise does and for the opportunity to take her Channeling Program.  Although I’ve been following Chernise for some time, when she opened up the program again, I knew I had to be a part of it.  The activations and tools Chernise shares are so incredibly powerful and have opened up my world to more than I could have imagined. It’s so rare to be in the presence of and learn from such a loving pure soul.

-Mica DeSantis, Healer & Conception Catalyst

Meet the Teacher

This program is led by Chernise Spruell who channels Archangels and Ascended Masters.  She is a channeling coach and is founder of the Channeling for Wellness Practitioners program.  


She has taught channeling at the NYC Meta Center, she teaches Light Language with Rainbow Soul Collective,  and often participates on metaphysical panels as a channeler and a speaker. Her experience of "accidentally" discovering her ability to channel in 2009 led her to her current mission which is helping people who might be unaware of their predisposition to channeling, to safely and easily activate the natural abilities of their true divine self.



The investment for this program is
3 Payments of $297 per month.
Enrollment opens Fall 2023.  

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