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Releasing The Waters

  • One glass pitcher full of water

  • Two glasses: one that is already filled with water, one that is empty

  • A place to pour out the transmuted water (eg. a plant, a toilet, etc.)


Please move into your heart space and ground your energy so that you will be properly supported during the session.
There will be frequent movement during this ceremony so make sure to participate in this ceremony in a space that allows you to move freely.
Feel free to turn off your camera if that helps to create a safe space for you.

Use the affirmation "I am safe, it's only change" frequently to remind/create an easy experience of shifting.
Make sure to honor and nourish your body as you feel guided. Eating can be very grounding or your body might want to take a nap. Moving in honor with it's desires will help you to have a smooth integration process.
The recording of the session will be available for purchase the day after the session.

Why Does My Pet Need This?

Animals are infinitely loving reminders that we are worthy of copious amounts of love, exactly as we are now. They are wonderful at radiating and sensing energy but they also easily absorb energy which may not serve them depending on the nature of the energy. Regardless of where they acquired this energy, if it isn’t properly released it will build up and lend itself to all manner of manifested symptoms, which may include expressing anxiety, feeling stressed, being fearful, etc. 

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How Does Light Language Help?


They are not going to stop loving you or stop doing what comes naturally to them, so this is why energy attunements are so important - they make it easier for your pet's nervous system to return to center.  And because light language transfers healing light-codes so effectively, animals only require a short period of time in the flow of this high vibration energy in order to benefit from it.

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Light Language Energy Attunement for Your Pet

In this 20 Minute Session You will Receive:

  • A 15 minute divinely guided light language transmision for your pet by zoom

  • 5 Minutes to learn what presented itself during the transmision

  • A Recording of the entire session

*For a limited time, with your purchase of a Light Language Energy Attunement for your Pet Gift Certificate you will receive a free, downloadable Travel Peace for Your Pets mp3 to support pets that are anxious travelers or have nervous tendencies. 

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