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You are a light unto others and the best way for you to shine is to feed yourself words of encorougement followed by actions of support and love.  You can only radiate love from those places.


-Archangel Uriel



Burn Away Emotions

Feeling stuck or overcome by a certain emotion?  Here's an exercise that can help move things along.




of each Month

7:00 PM EST

Individual Sessions



This is a One Hour Session

Sessions can be held In-Person or By Phone


During these sessions, I work with Archangels and your highest spirit guides to help you learn from life's lessons faster, feel more at peace with yourself and create a life you love. I will also give you tools to help you develop and flex your own intuitive muscles so that your sense of trust in your spiritual guidance becomes clear and reliable.  These sessions are recorded and can also be held in-person or over the phone.



This is a One Hour Session

Sessions to be held In-Person Only


In these healing sessions I work directly with Archangel Raphael, the healing Angels and your highest spirit guides to channel their healing energy to you.  I direct this energy as I am guided (using a hands-off approach) to help you reach a state of relaxation.  This is done by energetically removing “stuck” energy which helps your body achieve its natural state of harmony and produce a greater sense of flow and health.


This is a One Hour Session

Sessions can be held In-Person or By Phone


These sessions are very similar to the Divine Guidance sessions except that in these you communicate directly with the Archangel or Ascended Master that will be assisting you.  I allow them to use my voice to share transmutive energy and divine messages of assistance in their own special (often humurous, always loving) way.  These sessions are recorded and can also be held over the phone.


This is a One Hour Session

Sessions are held In-Person Only


These sessions are a gift from Mother Mary to help all of you who desire to enhance your ability to love yourselves.  The benefit of these sessions is that not only does the energy provided help facilitate the return to your natural state of divine self-love and self-appreciation, through you, it is also permanently expanded, grounded and offered to the world, at large. Each time you heal yourself, you are giving the same blessings to all.


This is a One Hour Session

Sessions are held In-Person Only


During this great time of Ascension, many beings are finding their environment and body responding in ways that seem unfamiliar to them thus far.  These sessions help the body adjust to the influx of high vibration energy that has a tendancy to bring shadows to the surface to be healed.  The body speaks in its own language which you may recognize as feelings of pleasure or pain.  These sessions help remove the emotional and physical blocks that can be causing discomfort due to the Ascension energies.


Divine Guidance Session

   1 Single Session                       $199

   5 Session Package                   $849 (15% savings)

   10 Session Package                 $1599 (20% savings)

Angelic Energy Attunement Session

   1 Single Session                       $199

   5 Session Package                   $849 (15% savings)

   10 Session Package                 $1599 (20% savings)

Channeling Session w/Archangels or Ascended Masters

   1 Single Session                      $199

   5 Session Package                  $849 (15% savings)

   10 Session Package                $1599 (20% savings)

*Contact me to set up a Payment Plan

I had a wonderful Archangel healing session with Chernise. I was touched by her deep listening skills, compassion, and desire to be of service. The healing energy was wonderfully relaxing and the angelic messages she relayed to me felt very right and true.  She is also a Spiritual Counselor and readily and gently offered suggestions for me on my way to move forward in my life. I highly recommend her loving and intuitive gifts."


 -Amber Nevins, New York, NY



Time: 11:00 am

Upcoming Events


Reflections Yoga Center for Conscious Living

227 East 24th Street

New York, NY 10010

My friends Claudia Harris and Andrea Gonnella will be hosting an Inspired Healing Event, that they asked me to participate in, which will look at the aspects of being a whole person.


Presenters from various backgrounds will assist, confirm and help bring awareness to matters we are working on for ourselves. This will happen in the beginning of the program during the introduction and Q&A segments. We will have 30-45 minutes for lunch (you can bring your own or there are lunch options in the area) upon your return we will break out into intimate groups that will focus on five aspects of wholeness: physical body, heart, mind, spirit and sound.


Afterwards the groups will reconvene for a: blessing, sound grounding and a release into our waiting world.  *The Inspired Healing event is not related to a specific religion or faith and is open to all females regardless of religion, race or culture. These sessions are not meant to be replacement for any medical protocols or health therapies prescribed by a doctor or other health professional.)

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