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Your Divine Blue-Body & Your Spine

There is an expansion of your physical spine that is happening now so that it aligns more with the divine blueprint of the physical structure of human beings. This is because the divine blueprint of the human body is actually larger than the physical bodies of most human beings currently and the discomfort is basically caused by the energetic “space” between the two realities. You will not necessarily expand in height during this ascension process although most of you will grow at least 1-inch. What is necessary now to alleviate discomfort (to reduce the energetic “space”) is an alignment with the divine blueprint of you in your 5th dimensional body (or higher) so you can draw that in to your experience now. It is basically a connecting with that future divine self that already exists now, so that you have a conscious experience of already being in that body-space now.

You will do this best by calling in your divine blue-body and seeing it with a widened spinal column and superimposed over your current physical body. After you’ve seen and felt this for a few minutes it will be good to “breathe into and out of your spine”. To do this see a flower of electric blue radiant light at the base of your spine, then breathe up from this flower, along your spine (that is also blue because you are envisioning yourself as your divine blue-body) and ending at a white flower of radiant white light at the top of your spine. Cycle the energy downwards back to the base with the exhale. Do this cycle twenty times a row twice a day to start and then more frequently as you feel called. This will help bring the spine of your current physical body into alignment with the spine of the divine blueprint of your body with more ease. Doing this visualization just before you sleep and as soon as you wake up will be most effective.

And for the Being who has a manifestation of a spine that is not perfectly straight, that has more to do with a trauma from a previous life as well as your soul’s current choice for growth and will not obstruct your own ability to ascend or to embody your divine lightbody with ease. Simply envision a straight spine and you will fully receive the benefits of that which you give your conscious to.

With greatest love,

your beloved Archangel Metatron

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