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Loving your Self: Exercise 8.9

This exercise will be good for people who would like for their heart to be more open and to love themselves more. First, see yourself outside on a hill of grass on a lovely day. The sky is blue and you can see around for miles. Seemingly out of nowhere some puppies run up to you and you are suddenly surrounded by about 7 of the cutest puppies you have ever seen. You sit down in the grass as they jump over you and you feel completely safe. And because you feel completely safe and open around them you feel your heart just lighten and lift up. You almost can’t sustain the giggles as they stumble over your feet and you feel grateful they showed up. After playing with the puppies for a while you eventually decide to move on because they have run off chasing a butterfly. As you are meandering along you spy the loveliest waterfall. You reach out to touch the water and since its temperature feels comfortable you choose to walk through it. After just one second in the waterfall you know that this water is magical. It’s washing away all the emotional stuckness that you feel in any areas of your life and it particularly seems to be unclogging your heart. You stand underneath this beautiful waterfall until you feel completely cleansed and refreshed and then you walk out of it. You begin to shake off the water and you notice that you are suddenly dry. This water truly is full of light, love and divine magic indeed. As you continue walking, all the while maintaining the intent of opening your heart, you come upon the loveliest garden. There are gardenias, roses and some of the most beautiful exotic flowers you’ve ever seen. You lean over to smell them and the scent floats directly to your mind and heart and takes root there. The scent is one of love and deep reverence and it begins to expand and fill your entire body. You are completely transfixed by the loveliness that surrounds you and you feel that you should remove your shoes for this space seems holy. You turn to your right and you see a beautiful throne and across from it a smaller, less royal but not less beautiful throne. You take the smaller throne because you begin to believe that this garden must belong to someone of great wealth, abundance, knowledge, wisdom, love and compassion and that they could return at any time. This Being must have a great heart or they could never create such a lovely space. All of a sudden, the scent of roses intensifies and it seems as if light is coalescing in the throne that is positioned opposite you. You feel that this wonderful Presence is about to manifest itself so you bow in expectation and appreciation for that which this lovely being will bestow upon you - undoubtedly his or her blessings. You feel overcome with gratitude and love and when you feel that this being has completely materialized you slowly raise your head. To your amazement you see yourself. The being across from you looks exactly as you do now and appears dressed exactly as you are now. You can feel that this radiant being is pouring out so much love to you that it seems unnatural not to do the same. As you are pouring your love and gratitude back to yourself you create a powerful cycle - you are giving love to and receiving love from yourself. As you continue to do this your heart takes on a beautiful golden light which expands with each breath and each feeling of gratitude and love that pours out. As this light continues to increase you suddenly feel that you are not seated where you were before. You are suddenly in the larger throne of your most Divine Self and you notice that now you are the only Being in the garden. Also, you now have a beautifully radiant and open heart. You give thanks for this lovely experience and for the great joy that you feel. It all happened because you set an intention to have an open heart and allowed yourself be lead by your heart’s callings. Dear Ones know that as you do this visualization your heart will continue to open and soften towards yourself. As you do it more frequently, the energy will continue to build on itself and will cause your heart to feel safe and stay open. We love you greatly and appreciate the Divine beauty that you all are. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,

Your beloved Archangel Haniel

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