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Loving your Self: Exercise 8.8

This exercise will be for people who find themselves not knowing what to do next on their path to enhance their spiritual growth. First, imagine that you’re standing within a square tube of light that starts at the base of your feet and extends upwards beyond your head to include your Divine Soul Being. On the outside of that square tube, imagine a large circular tube of golden light. Then, within the square, and coming up from beneath you, see a beautiful array of starlike lights floating upwards, through you entire body, out through the top of your head and then into the heart of your Divine Soul Being. Once they connect with your Divine Soul Being you’ll want to imagine that these little lights sort of explode into mini fireworks and that these light explosions fall back onto your physical being. These lights are in fact now seeds and take root in your physical being while more lights are continuing to float upwards through the base of the cylinder and square tubes of light and exploding. Then you can imagine that the light seedlings are beginning to expand in your body and as they expand in parts of your arm and heart and legs and thigh and feet, etc. those parts of your body light up and begin to feel amazing. They begin to feel expanded in the most wonderful ways and you feel as if the cells in your body are being fed a type of cell food that nourishes them and causes them to take on their most Divine form. Then you feel that as this happens and as light fills up your physical being from the bottom you particularly feel more light concentrated around the heart area. And then, when the light begins to fill your mind, you find that it feels absolutely blissful. From the first light seedling that enters your mind you feel as though a light has literally been turned on in your brain. You feel that things that haven’t been flowing before are now flowing, that parts that have never been used before are now being used and that synapses that may have been tired or broken are being healed. You feel as if your mind is full of life and is expanding and your senses are heightened. You feel that your mind has controlled a large part of your human experiences and you can almost feel old memories, old attachments being completely and quickly transmuted into lighter, higher energy by these beautiful light seedlings that have taken root and are currently sprouting in your brain. Before you know it, your brain is full of these lights seedlings and your entire physical being is full of light. As light continues to pour into your body it radiates and shoots upwards, further solidifying your connection to the Divine and then shoots outwards to all that is in your world. This is wonderful because now you find that you are awake to ideas and thoughts and feelings that you didn’t know before. Things are making sense and information is being assimilated in ways that you previously didn’t imagine. And because your light is radiating outward so powerfully, all those beings that you encounter in your world are benefitting from it just by being in your presence. You are grateful for this learning, this healing and the advances that are taking place in your body. You are even more grateful for having allowed yourself to be of service this way for you are truly a light and a beacon to others and you are of great service to life. We love you dearly and will speak to you soon.


All of us in the Angelic Realm

Your beloved Archangel Haniel

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