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Loving Your Self: Exercise 8.6

Today’s exercise will be good for people interested in becoming healers or people who would like to expand the degree to which they are healers. Imagine yourself sitting in a large, green circle of light. The circle of light extends to three feet all around you. Within the heart of this green light (also centered in your heart) is a spark of light that is green but just a bit darker so that you can see it. Then you are to imagine that this circle of light raises and extends itself upwards until it forms a tube that embraces your Divine Soul Being/I AM Presence which resides 10 to 12 feet above your physical body. You hear a whirring sound as if this light is being turned on and you notice it harmoniously, spinning very quickly. It is connecting with everything in y our being that is unlike itself (which is a high vibratory, healing energy), whether they are thoughts, perceptions or emotions that have been stuck or physical aches. This light connects with all of these lower vibration things, bonds with them and whirs them completely out of your energetic field leaving behind only green healing light. Continue doing this until you see yourself completely dissolving into the light. Every aspect of your being has been replaced by and has become one with this healing light. The heart of your I AM Presence shoots down a sunbeam of white light that goes down through the tube of light that you have become, merges with you completely and shoots outwards evenly, everywhere in the cosmos. As this beautiful, divine, healing light force you see and feel that all things are one thing. You sense that if one thing is healing and gives its consciousness to the healing of all then there is healing available for all. While you are feeling so expansive, so loving and so light, you sense some white light coalescing within the field that you are - a star is forming. More and more light gathers to form this star and you feel yourself begin to take weight as you realize that this star is the new you, reborn. You stretched yourself to infinity and then decided to return your consciousness to physical form so that you can be of greater service to others at this particular time on Earth. You are now a fully formed, beautiful, white and gold star that is lowering itself to earth. As you, the star, touch the Earth you take on your present physical form with enhanced radiance. You seem different to yourself because you are different. As the star that you now are, you radiate this beautiful healing light to all that you encounter. You know that as your light comes into contact with their energy field that they, in turn, are surrounded by tubes of green, healing light that activates a similar reawakening in them. Now they, like you, may also be aware of the beautiful healers that they are. We love you greatly and will speak to you soon. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Haniel

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