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Love from the Trees

Hi All,

I had an amazing experience in Florida recently and started receiving messages from the lovely Palms pictured above. Here two of the ones they wanted me to share with you. The first one is in response to my question of how we can assist the Earth in her evolution. The second is about enhancing our connection with them.


What the Earth needs is for people to view her as a Being that they are working alongside of. It is important that people appreciate her and hold space for her evolution. They can do this by choosing to hold lovely visions of a beautifully, vibrant Earth whenever their thoughts might go to "the Earth's evolution is causing so much trouble in my energy field." They can do this by looking to their own evolution which will naturally lead to a more harmonious and conscious relationship with the Earth. As she is a living, breathing, being, when we hold the space for her growth, it gives her the space for this to happen in whatever way is best for her, without our judgement, and that is also harmonious for us.


Please tell the people that we have so much to give. The fruits we bear are for them. Let them know that they can come sit at the base of our trunks and we will assist them with their energy as much as they allow. Ask them to envision themselves nestled in our branches or in a human-sized nest in our branches so they will begin to see us for the nurturing beings that we are. That will allow them to desire to connect with us in a greater way, which will lead to creating a channel for clear communication between us. In this way we will be able to assist them more, they will be able to assist us more and together we will be able to assist the Earth more.

Love to you all <3

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