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Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.6

This exercise will be helpful for those who want to find ways to open their hearts to themselves more.

First, imagine that you’re sitting in front of a mirror (or you can actually sit in front of a mirror) with your eyes closed. Then imagine that you are your Highest Self and that you are radiating love from every particle of your being and that this energy, this radiant love is coming most powerfully from your heart. Open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, “Dear One, you are so very divine and so very loved that if you knew the degree to which this was so, your heart would absolutely melt. Please, Dear One, are there any areas of your life where you feel you could allow more love?” And then direct this powerful love from the eyes of your Divine Self and from the heart of your Divine Self to the reflection of you in the mirror which is the representation of your physical self and of all of the thoughts that exist about your self on this plane.

Then take a deep breath and imagine that the small child inside of you – the little you that was hurt and was loved and felt alone and loves to play and dance and be heard and sing and attract attention – is now sitting there in your lap. Then see that you (the physical you) are directing the question from your Higher Self to the little you that is now sitting in your lap. Let the little you take as much time as she needs and then allow her to respond. If she uses words, if she sends you images, if she simply makes noises or whimper as a response, no matter - simply flood her with your unconditional love and hug her endlessly. Tell her that she could not be more perfect or worthy; that everything she wants, she has a right to want; that everything she did not get, she has a right to feel sad about. But let her know that you will always be there for her and that you will endeavour to hear her and give her permission to be seen and to share her emotions as they arise. As you do this, you should find that she is becoming more peaceful and she may even shed a tear of joy because she’s finally being acknowledged. But whatever she does, just continue to flood her with unconditional love and acceptance for all that she chooses or has chosen to express.

Then say to her, “Dearest, I now invite you to come play in my heart. Where you were playing before was probably somewhere in my head. I’m almost certain you were in the area of my ego where you actually believed that it was possible to not be loved or heard or seen. You probably even believed that if anyone outside of you expressed those feelings about you that it could in some way affect the love that I have for you. But, Dear One, that is in no way the truth. Here, in my heart, you will know that there is only love and that love is all that you need and that you have more of my love than you could ever fathom." Then, see her becoming smaller and brighter until she is a ball of pink and gold light and then invite her to play in your heart with your angels. Once she has fully merged into your heart, give yourself a hug. Again, take another breath and fully connect with your divine self and then open your eyes. Now that you feel full of love and aligned with your Selves, know that whenever you need to feel grounded in the truth of the unconditional love that is always yours, you can do this exercise. The Universe has this unconditional love for you and wishes that you know this love for your own self so intimately, that you never allow yourself to believe another state of being is possible. (For, yes, Dear Ones, you can be fully in uncondinitonal love while you're experiencing other emotions - even anger.)

We love you so dearly.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,

Your beloved Archangel Azrael

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