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Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.5

This exercise will help you to be more in your heart so you can view/create your life in a way that you really want to experience it.

The first thing to do is to get a sheet of paper and draw a large circle on it and draw yourself standing in the middle, smiling. Then draw lots of smiley faces surrounding you within this circle and add large column that extends upwards to the top edge of the page. This column represents the column of light that connects to your Unlimited and Unconditionally Loving I AM Presence. Then fill any open space within the circle with hearts and stars. All of these images that are surrounding you represent the events of your life and how you choose to experience them. In the space surrounding the circle, draw a large square that represents your connection to the earth as well as your grounded experience of everything contained within it. The circle represents your connection to spirit.

When you’re done, take a breath and hold the paper in front of your heart with the image facing you. Imagine that you are, in fact, your very own I AM Presence and see your Self as radiant and as clear as the sun on a beautiful day overlooking a mountain range. Feel your Self as one with all and from this beautiful, expansive place, flood as much love as possible to the image of you that you have just drawn in the paper. Imagine that as you are flooding this image with love the square that you have drawn outside the circle is slowly being drawing to the inside of the circle which represents the spirit. You are now imbuing all of your life’s events with this unconditionally flowing love, with light, with clarity and enhancing the connection that you have with all things.

Then, once you feel that this square has been drawn entirely within the circle, Say to your little self on the page, “Dearest, you are loved unconditionally and you are guided always. Yours is the path of growth, joy, triumph and success. Know this, and move forward with the feeling so sure in your heart that as a God/being incarnate, as you decree, so it shall be. Now, Decree from that place of safety and trust and watch your path unfold in ways that you could have never imagined. I am always with you and you are loved beyond belief.” Then sit in the space of being the sender of this beautiful energy as well as the recipient. When you feel that you have received and or given enough, remind yourself again that your path is a blessed one and you have only to trust and move forward and things will unfold for you in a way that you would have never believed possible.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,

Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

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