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Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.3

Today’s exercise is helpful for people who would like to release energy that no longer serves them so that they can move forward with joy.

Imagine that you are seated at a table with many people in a lovely restaurant. You look at the table and observe that it is round and very, very large. Then you begin to look at the people around the table and notice that there are many faces that are familiar to you. They are faces from your past and most belong to people that you haven’t seen in a while. What happens next is quite lovely: you find that each person sitting at the table begins to look at you and smile. They seem to be so full of gratitude for having met you that you feel overwhelmed with love. This is such a striking feeling because a good many of the people around the table are people with whom situations ended badly or that you did not interact with from your highest self, or who did not treat you from their place of highest love. But still, they seem grateful and are just radiating love to you. You sit there and allow yourself to take it all in and even release a few tears because you feel the sincerity of their love.

When you have gathered enough courage you look at some of the people who previously you did not get along with at all and ask, “Why?” Smiling and laughing they say to you, “Don’t you know? We’re all here to play a part in each others’ lives. We were all there to help each other grow - to move us to where we wanted and needed to be in order to be of greatest service to life and in order to move us forward on the path of our own greatest joy. We were all doing what we needed to do to help each other learn what was necessary.” And you say, “Wow. I really get that and I appreciate that.” After a while you feel so overcome with love that you begin to hug the people that you are closest to and radiate love to all the others. Then you notice that some of the people are leaving the table and you ask them why they’re leaving. They say, “Well, our time together is done and now that you’ve seen why we were really a part of your life it’s time to make room for some new energy. Besides, we’ve got to get back to our own lives and do the same. This was healing for us, too, you know. Be blessed and know that you will always live in our hearts as love.” Again, you feel overcome with love and gratitude for all the people in your life and for how wonderfully the Universe has set everything up.

Soon, some new people join the table and sit next to you. They seem a bit confused at first but soon notice all of the love surrounding them, feel visibly touched by it and the cycle continues. This is because love, truth and gratitude beget feelings of freedom and compassion which beget more feelings of love, gratitude and awareness of the truth. You have seen how you have been and are part of the circle of life and how everything is truly happening for your highest good. With that truth now at the forefront of your consciousness, you find that you easily release old wounds and co-dependent relationships because you know why they occurred in the first place – to move you forward to this beautiful place of unconditional compassion for yourself and all who have joined your path.

We love you dearly, Dear Ones.

With Highest Love,

All of us in the Angelic Realm.

Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

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