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Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.2

Dear Ones, Today's exercise benefits the earth (and yes it benefits you, too!)

First, see yourself surrounded by a large circle of light and imagine that this light is connected to your I AM Presence. See a long, golden and white stream of light flowing from your I AM Presence and as it connects with your circle of light imagine that yours becomes suddenly even brighter, like a harmonious explosion of sunshine. Then as you find that you are completely immersed in light, feel that a single, bright light is slowly moving down the center of this column, to the outer edge of this circle of light that is surrounding you, it enters your crown chakra and then your throat chakra and then resides firmly in your heart. Once this light is there, imagine that it is slowly expanding out and lighting up each and every cell of your body. Now, see your body as a silhouette full of light and see that light eventually moving beyond your body to add to the already bright light that is part of the circle that surrounds you.

Then, as you find that you are surrounded with so much light, know that this circle of light is only allowing love in or out. See this light that is in your heart shooting out to connect with all of the other beings on the planet. As your light reaches their heart, imagine that their bodies are lighting up and connecting with their own divine guidance in a stronger and clearer way. Then when you can imagine the loveliest network of lights that is created by the heart connection between you and each and every individual and their I AM Presence, imagine All sending that light into the Earth to heal it, to show it gratitude, to love it and to help raise its vibration harmoniously. You need only do this visualization once with heart and you will greatly assist Earth’s evolutionary process.

We love you greatly and will speak to you again soon,

Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

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