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Healing Visualization for the Earth and Her Inhabitants

Hello All, I would like to offer this Healing Visualization for the Earth from some LightBeings who love us very much: Please imagine a powerful stream of golden, white and pink light coming from your I AM Presence down through your crown chakra and pooling in your heart center. As this light gathers in your heart, notice how you feel. Remember how grateful you are for your life, for the love that you have, for your family, for the employment that you have, for all that is wonderful in your life. Remember this and let this energy merge with the beautiful light that is flooding your body. When you feel that you are completely aglow with gratitude imagine that the Earth is in front of you. Reach out and take her into your hands and look on her lovingly as you would a small child. Then, direct all of that gratitude you feel, all the love you feel, and the joy you feel towards this beautiful planet and everyone on it. Feel the joy that the planet feels from receiving your love. Imagine that you are telling the Earth that everything will be fine and that you will take care of her and that you love how much she has taken care of you. Ask her for forgiveness for all of the times that you took advantage of her and neglected her when you were coming from a less enlightened place. Then ask the Divine Caretakers of the Earth to see that she gets everything she needs to feel loved, respected and cared for. Ask that the Earth go through her Healing and Cleansing process in the most harmonious way possible that still ensures that her needs are met. Ask the Divine Caretakers to also take care of all those look to the Earth for earthly survival and that they too, begin to appreciate the Earth. Then, when you feel complete, take a deep breath in and close by simply saying, “I decree, ask, command and give thanks that this is so, sustained, maintained and self-sustaining, for the Highest Good of all Concerned, to the Great Glory of God that I AM. Thank you! So Be It!” With greatest love, The Angelic Realm

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