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Getting Back on the Path: 11.1

Today’s visualization will help you move forward when you feel stuck on your path and have generated many low vibration thoughts for yourself about this experience.

See yourself outside on a clear day. You are in an open field that is green and the sky is blue. Suddenly you notice that an eagle is flying in the sky and seems to be coming towards you. He lands next to you and you notice that he is very large, indeed, and has a very peaceful energy about him. You also notice that he is radiating a golden light. He bows his head to you and you do the same because you feel that is the right thing to do. You notice that as your head is lowered, your third eye area, between your eyes begins to feel warm. If you could associate a color to this light it would be golden. You stay in this position a few more minutes and notice that this golden light seems to spread throughout your forehead and brain and that all of your head feels as if it’s filled with and emanating this golden light.

As you are in this space, you feel full of peace and clarity. It’s as if every other thing in your energy field and/or body that is not aligned with this light seems to melt away. You can literally see them dropping to the ground. These lovely little branches of thought and energy that no longer serve you are just falling down to the earth and when they hit the Earth, Her loving embrace receives them, floods them with love and completely transmutes them back into the earth. This process goes on for a while and you notice that you do not have to do anything for these branches of thought to fall away – there is simply no longer any space for them as this golden light fills every possible cell and particle of your brain, your mind, your head and your body. All of your energy field is flooded with this golden light and absolutely nothing other than it can exist in your body.

You feel wonderful in your body as this feeling also feels oddly familiar. This is the way you were designed to feel all the time and this is the way you originally felt in your body. You awaken your eyes to notice that the eagle is now an owl and is looking at you very lovingly and wisely. He walks over to you and says, “Dearest One, for so long you have desired clarity on your path and have not realized that the secret to it is joy and peace. For whenever you allow joy and peace into your mind, clarity and truth can be the only results. The more you allow joy into your life, the more you will find that joy IS your life. And when joy is your life, you ARE following your path. For your highest path in life is your path of greatest joy. It is what you came here to do and to express, for this is what you already are. Now breathe in this beautiful light and let it be a priority to be in this space. Know and allow yourself to be guided by the subtle but clear steps of the universe to guide you along your path of greatest joy, to live your life of greatest joy and to be of service in the highest way possible.” With this, you feel your heart swell with gratitude and thank the beautiful eagle and owl who have come to help you on your journey. And even though the owl flies away, you know that you will feel its loving presence with you every step of your path. You feel an amazing excitement about the next steps that life will present to you for you know you have already designed them for yourself.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,

Your Beloved Archangel Uriel

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