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Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.9

First you are going to want to imagine yourself in front of a long tunnel. You clearly see that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. The tunnel entrance represents where you are in your life now and the tunnel represents a smooth, clear, easy transition along your journey in which you have a clear goal of what you would like to have more of in your life (the light). This light represents more harmony, more joy, more fun, more of the highest things that you desire as well as your Life’s Work. Knowing and doing this Work will bring you great joy and will be most beneficial to people on earth at this time. So what it is good for you to do at this point is to ask your Guides and Angels to assist you along this journey through the tunnel, which in fact is straight across. As soon as you decide to enter the tunnel, even though at first glance the tunnel appears long and a bit dark, you immediately see that the tunnel is transparent and you feel much safer. You find that you have more Guides than you thought and they give you loving advice while managing to keep you laughing all along your journey. You move forward easily and seem to have more force and increasing drive to continue ahead. You notice that as you look through the tunnel, you see people around you and they all seem to be happy for you. They are all glad that you have decided to do what you have come here to do. You continue to move forward and before you know it you find that you have reached the end of this tunnel and what you find there is truly amazing. There is a beautiful blue sky, there is a radiant crystal lake, there are beautiful trees and you feel lighter and clearer than you imagined possible. You notice that you are surrounded not only by your Divine Guides but you are also surrounded by your friends and loved ones who are really happy that you have come through the tunnel well and with so much joy. You learn that they have also been through their own type of tunnel-journey and you have so much to talk about, so many joyous stories to share.


Then you realize that you have all come together for a reason and that reason is to assist others who have not yet decided to come through their own tunnel – for they have a gift to give as well. You look at each other, smile, give thanks and say good-bye for the moment as you continue on your own journey to bring others to the place of joy and Divine connection that you are at now.


Love All of us in the Angelic Realm,

Archangel Gabriel

This just seemed fitting:

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