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Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.6

This exercise will allow you to receive more light into your body which is of great benefit because it will allow you to experience more harmony during the changes that are going on in the universe right now. The first thing for you to do is to find a peaceful space where you can sit and quiet your thoughts. Then once you have quieted yourself for a moment, see yourself as surrounded by a large circle of white-golden light. Within this light there are actually two other layers of light – one is pink and one is light blue. Then with each breath in, imagine one color of light at a time filling up your entire lungs: first the white-gold, then the pink and finally the light blue. With each breath out, imagine that the lights are expanding around you until they extend about 10 feet on each side. Also at this point, begin to notice and feel that even though the circles of light surround you, they seem to come from within your heart. That’s because this is where you are connected with your Divine Soul Being, your true source of this light, and it is this Soul Being that constantly showers you with love whenever you desire to receive it. Now, just take a moment to thank your Soul Being for the constant outpouring of unconditional love that it offers you. Now that you are full of love and light, you can send this love out into the world to all areas of your life. You can imagine that with each exhalation, you are sending a puff of light to your job, to your friends, to your relationships and to all other areas of your life that easily come to mind. See these bubbles of light settling nicely around each part of your life and infusing them with love, light, ease, joy, harmony, etc. Then, you’ll want to imagine seeing all of these bubbles floating clearly before you as if on some invisible chart in the sky. Now, take another moment to give thanks for the ever increasing light in all areas of your life and notice that as you do so, the light surrounding each area of your life expands as well. On your next exhalation, see all of these bubbles of light floating upwards and slowly disappearing into the sky. Know that these situations have been completely infused with light and released to the universe so that they can manifest in your life at a much higher vibration. After this meditation is over, again, take a moment to say thank you and give thanks to the Universe for the ever increasing light in your being and your life. Even if you do this full meditation only once, whenever it comes to mind just give thanks for the ever increasing light in your life and know that this is so. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Gabriel

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