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Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.4

First, with your inner eye, see a small white circle of light above your head that extends down to you from your Divine Soul being. This connection invokes the collaboration of your higher Guidance so that if this is what you desire, your higher self will also work with you to bring it to you the highest form that you will allow at this time. Next you’ll want to see this circle of light expand to surround your entire body. You’ll want to feel this circle of light as safe and comforting. Then imagine that everything around you in your life is part of a video game and that anything you desire to experience simply has to be put in this circle of light that surrounds you. This will cause it to out-picture in your world. You should imagine being surrounded by a scene that you’d like to experience, and then also imagine that as you hold the image of what you want, you happen to encounter that exact same scene in your real life. Then you’ll want to imagine feeling joyful that you’ve experienced your creation of this scene. For example, you can imagine yourself surrounded by a scene that you often experience (like walking into your bedroom) but in a more idealized state. If your bed is often unmade, you’ll want to see your bed as made and your room as nicely organized. Then just imagine yourself holding this image while walking to your bedroom and discovering that your bed actually is made and that your room is orderly. All the while, make sure to evoke a feeling of joy that the scene you imagined has come true. For the first week, you can practice with areas in your house and then you can proceed to situations where things feel less than joyful. The basic premise is the overlapping of images and the joy you feel when the creation comes to fruition. You will be surprised how much fun this is and how easy it is to create experiences in your life. We think this will be quite a fun way to get into the habit of actively creating your life. We love you dearly and will speak to you again soon. Love, AA Gabriel.

p.s. I tried this a few times today and it was a really quick process - I even did a bit of visualizing while taking out my trash. I think it just makes your visualization "muscles" stronger and more efficient.

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