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Raising Your Vibration: Exercise 2.22

Yes Dear Ones, This is a time that is very good to look at yourself and find any areas that you feel that you might need to work on. You can do this in many ways: you can see if there are parts of your body that continually ache or you can see if you find situations repeating themselves in your life and you can see if certain thoughts continue to come to mind. What this means is that this is something for you to look at and once you have come to terms with it or rather have figured out what that thing is, you can sort of sit down with a pen and a paper and say, “Hmm, this thing has been repeating itself. If I were talking to a friend who had this experience what would I tell them that it means?” Then just write out what you would tell him or her. This is a good way for you to figure out what is going on in your life. The Universe is constantly showing you ways that you are aligned with who you truly are and where you have sort of missed the mark a bit with thoughts. An example is the thought that you are not good enough which, as you know, is about as far from the truth as it is possible to be away from the truth. You are all very worthy. You are all, in fact, worthiness itself. The best thing for you to do in situations where you find that worthiness seems to be an issue is to look at the situation once you have sat down with your pen and paper and have figured it out and then send light to the situation. See yourself as your friend that you are talking to, surround him or her with light and see your friend say, “Oh now I get it! Thank you Universe. I’m so glad that I learned this lesson.” And you can then do things like see yourself happily using the new information or you can create an affirmation out of it if that works for you. And if you feel overwhelmed to discover many things that you need to work on, just take the first one that stands out to you and that will be the one that is of most importance to attend to now. Address that area and then when you get a chance sit down with the paper again and approach the next area. That will be of great help. We love you all dearly and will speak to you again. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Gabriel

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