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Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.21

OK, yes Dear Ones,

Today’s visualization is going to be helpful for people who feel that they want to discover who they are a bit better and don’t know how to go about it.

So the first thing for you to do is to imagine yourself as a baby bird inside of an egg, in a nest with nothing but the sky above you. You feel yourself bursting with life so you begin to peck at the egg from the inside until you create a small crack that is large enough to see out of. You look around and you feel very vulnerable because your mother is not nearby. But then you take a peak up at the sky and a beam of light shines down around you and you are suddenly surrounded by loving Angels. The Angels nourish you, give you love, sing to you and entertain the small bird that you are. Then the Angels let you know that you are safe and will always be provided for and soon you really begin to feel that safety.

Feeling so protected and loved, you decide to crack the egg shell a bit more because it has not been fully opened – it has simply been cracked. The more you crack the shell, the more the light is able to come in and the more clearly you see the Angels around you. The more clearly you see the Angels around you, the safer you feel and then you feel the courage to crack out of the shell entirely. Once you do, you feel wonderfully free. Yes, you still feel vulnerable but you feel extremely protected even through the mother bird is not yet around you. Every day you find that the Angels return and even if you don’t see them you notice that they have left food for you so that you feel loved and safe. Finally you decide to go to the edge of the nest and take a look. From there you see the sky, so beautiful and large. You are surrounded by stunning mountains and they look so lovely and big. You feel a bit afraid but then you notice other birds flying. You don’t even know yet that you are able to fly but somehow you connect with their joy and their freedom and their love of doing what they are doing, which is flying.

Then you find that the Angels are around you again radiating their love and somehow they transmit an increasing desire to fly, a sense of ease and feelings of courage to you. The view from the very high nest does look lovely and enticing and the Angels are right there with you to protect you and they definitely know how to fly. So you leap out of the nest and as you thought, the Angels are right there with you. You struggle with your wings for just a few seconds but before you know it you are flying comfortably. Then you fly back to the nest for a break because it was very exhilarating and you are only a small bird. But now that you know that your true purpose is to fly and to experience freedom and to share that knowledge with others, you absolutely radiate with joy. You know that you will commit to doing whatever you need to do in order to boost your courage and trust so you can continually experience that joy and guide others to do the same.

With deepest love from all of us in the Angelic Realm,

Archangel Gabriel

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