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Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.16

This is an exercise that will be of assistance to people that seem to think they have to work hard in order to attract things or to make things happen or to solve problems. Ok, so the first thing to do is to imagine yourself in front of an ocean on a beautiful day and there are many waves that keep hitting the shore. You look at the waves and wonder how much water there must be in the ocean. You look at the sky and you wonder how large the sky must be and that it is surely larger than you can conceive of. Then you decide to look at your hand and you wonder how many cells there must be in your skin alone. You realize that there really is a greater design at work, that there really is something that seems to know what is going on and keep everything moving along the way that it should and that It does so without any interference from you. You realize that this loving force, this wonderful energy is that of God/the Universe/Source Energy and that you are in fact connected to It. You’ve known this for a while but for some reason while standing on this beautiful beach you really “get” that this wonderfully powerful Being is ready and able to help you whenever you desire, even at a moment’s notice, when you acknowledge that It is there and that you are one with It. You reflect on a few things that have been on your mind, whether it is rent, relationships, or a job and you begin to think, “Hmmm…the Universe has most likely seen this situation before and probably knows the best way to handle it. Maybe it’s best for me to give my problems to God and then distract myself by finding ways to feel joy while the Universe takes care of everything. And I can also see that my joy is a wonderful way to repay life because it adds powerful, healing energy to life that causes flowers to grow, causes people to heal easier, and puts more good energy out in the universe”. So now you realize that when you have a problem, give it to God, and then do whatever you can to enjoy yourself while God works on it, that it’s a win-win situation: your problem gets solved, you get the items/experiences you asked for and life receives more loving energy to help it move along more smoothly. You realize that you never quite thought of it that way - that your joy truly is a gift to life, that it is needed and that sending love and joy is such a powerful thing to do. You look up to the sky and say to the Universe with a smile, “Yes, I am here and I accept your challenge. I intend to be joyful no matter what and to love myself and others as unconditionally as I am able to. In turn I am willing to receive, with gratitude, all of the wonders that You wish to give me.” Now that seems pretty sweet. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Gabriel

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