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Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.14

Yes Dear Ones, First you will do well to imagine yourself in front of a lake on a clear day and you see that it seems like there are many things moving in the lake. You are unsure whether or not you should go swimming yet it is truly your desire to do so. You check in with yourself and ask your Guidance if it is safe for you to do and your Guidance seems to say yes so you step into the water. As you do, you see a beautiful blue circle of light seem to spread out in the water around where you placed your foot and you see that within this beautiful circle that keeps expanding, there seems to be only calm. You can see the surface of the water outside of the circle seems to be moving and you can even feel that there is much life teeming and much activity going on in the water but the water that is within the blue circle is calm and still and serene. You decide to go further into the water and when you do you find yourself surrounded by a golden light that conforms to your body and you feel recharged and protected. You begin to feel that you are so connected to Divine guidance that regardless of how things look, you will always be protected. This beautiful golden light seems to come from above so you look up and you clearly see your Radiant Soul Being above you smiling at you and now sending you the message that it is always there above you whether you are aware of it or not. You feel connected and guided in ways you didn’t believe possible. You swim further in the water and truly relax and enjoy yourself because you know that you are safe and protected and you know that this energy will be with you always. Then another light comes down and it is a radiant green light that completely surrounds your body and the beautiful blue circle of light already in the water. This light integrates the truth as knowledge into your being so that you will never doubt your protection or Guidance again. It also helps the Guidance to be clear and inspires you lovingly and happily to follow it because this is what you truly want. You feel this loving green light just melt into your every cell and truly become one with your body. You play around in the water some more and when you decide to come out of the water and renter the land, you know that this lovely energy and light will always be with you wherever you go, whatever you encounter in your life, for you are so very loved and so very desired to be here in existence and very protected. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Gabriel

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