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Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.13

Ok so yes Dear Ones, Imagine yourself in front of a beautiful lake on a sunny day. You notice that the lake seems to feel as large as an ocean because you can’t see the shores on either side but you know that it is a lake and you feel comforted and safe by that fact. You believe that if you were to take a dive and let yourself float for a while that you would be fine and eventually arrive at land, so that is just what you do. You dive into the water, lie on your back, look up at the beautiful sun and let yourself float. For so long in life you have been going against the tide and looking at things that were simply illusions so you decide to let the truth guide you as you float on your back and stare at the beautiful, peaceful, ever changing sky. You start to do the backstroke, still in the direction that the water is flowing, and you find that you feel a bit energized. You realize that if you go in the direction that the water takes you it is easier to move and when you do move, it is in fact quite fun. So you continue to do the backstroke and then you decide to float a bit more, knowing that this water will take you to a part of the land that true, you are unfamiliar with, but is good place for the next part of your journey in life. However, after a while of seeing no shore you begin to wonder if in fact you have made the right choice. You think it might be smarter to use your eyes to see where you are going so you stop floating and turn around. As you do, you find that there is struggle involved and you momentarily even sink a bit. Yes, you soon find your bearings again but even if you could see the shores, they would all look the same and you wouldn't know where to go anyway. So you decide to trust again, believing that the water knows more than you and that it will eventually take you safely to shore. You begin to float on your back again and as soon as you do, you feel comforted. You do a mild backstroke in the direction that the water seems to be taking you and the more you do, the more peaceful you feel you feel. You look at the pretty clouds and don't even notice that a big wave is approaching but since you were distracted and didn’t have time to panic you just went with the flow and were fine. And you experience that as the general pattern – as long as you look at the truth, which is represented by the sky, and believe that the Universe will provide for you, you are guided along a path that is smooth, protected and beautiful. Before you know it, you see land and the closer you get you can tell that it is very lush and green there. It feels right so you decide to let yourself float up to the shore. When you arrive, you see that it is full of beautiful, tropical fruits and beautiful animals and people that are smiling and very happy that you have arrived. They introduce themselves to you and you learn that they are your Spiritual Teachers and Guides that are all happy you have come across so well. They tell you that they have been holding the intent that you have a safe, smooth, clear, joyful journey in life and that, in fact, everyone has this type of divine assistance. Everyone is divinely guided and has divine assistance to help them realize that they no longer need to struggle and that it's ok to simply go with the flow of life. The beauty of this learning relaxes you and helps you realize that there is no need to worry about another person on their life's journey again. You smile and thank your Guides and the Universe for having brought you safely to the next part of your journey and for having learned such a lovely, freeing truth. Knowing that your guides are always with you, you look forward to the joyful adventure that awaits you on this beautiful island which is the next step in your human adventure. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Gabriel

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