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Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.12

Today’s exercise is going to be of great help to people that seem to find themselves stuck or rather in a place where they want to move forward but seem to not be able to. Imagine yourself outside of your home on a clear day. You are not sure where you want to go or what you want to do and so you check in with yourself to see what you feel like doing. You don’t seem to feel a clear inspiration so you go back inside your home, make some tea and just relax. After a while you feel a bit more rested so you ask your inner guidance, or rather yourself, again what you might want to do next. “Reading” comes to mind. You walk over to your bookshelf and discover a book that you love and you are suddenly feeling inspired in a way that you didn’t before. Without even putting it into words, you feel better and are really glad that you sat down and read the book. Then, after you’ve read for a while, you check in again to see what it is you want to do next and “swimming” clearly pops into your mind. You follow your gut and go for a quick swim in a nearby pool and feel unexpectedly refreshed. It is completely not the day you imagined for yourself but you feel invigorated because the water was so cool and clear and seems to be even charged with the energy of love. Then you go for a walk and while you are enjoying yourself on your walk you realized that you didn’t even need to check in because you felt the urge to do so very clearly. You decide to walk into a café you see because it looks cute. Once inside you realize that it’s a café that you’ve been looking for because you visited it before and didn’t remember where it was. Then you begin to thank the Universe for such a lovely day, joyful day. Your gratitude is so sincere and you are so open that the rest of the day is filled with similar 'happy coincidences.” Before you know it, you are recharged and back on track because when one checks in to see how one feels in the moment that is the best thing one can do. In that moment, you realize that following your inner guidance is the only thing that will bring you joy and help you move forward. It only leads to wonderful places and once all of that is done, once you are at a point of gratitude, your ears are wide open, so to speak, and you will find yourself hearing divine guidance and moving along the path much more effortlessly. You will find it easier to do the things that you came here to do (i.e. your life’s work) because you are in a much happier and more open place than when you began the day. We love you dearly and will speak to you all again very soon. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Gabriel And yes, this is an exercise to help you trust your guidance in all ways and at all times: of connection and seeming non-connection. When you connect, or rather check into yourself and your divine guidance, it always leads along a path to a place of joy and openness.

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