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Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.11

Today’s exercise is going to be of help for people that are on the spiritual path but need a bit of clarity before they can move forward. First, see yourself at the top of a hill on a clear day. Look down the hill and notice that you are very high up. You see lots of trees on you path and you’re not sure which way to go down or how to navigate the tall hill. Take a moment to ask for divine guidance to help you and then take the first step. As you do, a sign materializes out of nowhere that literally says, “Take a step in this direction.” You take the second step in the direction suggested and just afterwards another sign appears. This sign is a bit prettier than the one before and there is also a little snack by the sign. You eat it and now feeling energized by the snack, follow in the direction the sign advised. As soon as you do, another directional sign appears and this one is accompanied by a little bird that seems to be waiting just for you (it's also humming a tune that you like). The bird flies onto your shoulder and you know that you now have a companion for the rest of your journey. You walk in the direction that the sign indicates and further on, another sign appears. Not only that, you see a faint path and that the path becomes smoother up ahead. You walk for a while and no new signs appear but you feel that you are on the right path. After a while you get to a point where you are unsure but you realize that you have a feeling inside that clearly feels like a sign. You hear a faint voice in your head that advises to go in a certain direction and as you follow its guidance down the trail, you see some lovely flowers. You then decide to always trust this voice because it seems to lead you in the right direction. In addition to the flowers, you see that the path now has handrails which make things much easier. You also get the feeling that you are walking on a moving sidewalk and you find yourself feeling lighter. You find that you feel happier and not only has your path become easier, it is literally taking you exactly where you want to go because you trust your guidance now. You continue along the path and that same voice seems to advise you to hop off the path to the right for a bit. You do so and you see a beautiful waterfall that you hadn’t noticed. You look around and see that the trees are gorgeous and you notice that there are lovely tropical birds in the area and you just feel divine. You feel the urge to hop back on the path, which you do, but now you see that there are more signs ahead. Also there are angels, guides, and people designated just to help you on your path. At this point you feel great. You have the feeling that as long as you follow your guidance you will always be safely lead in the direction you need to go. So with a lovely smile, you continue to hum the bird’s song in your head feeling happier, more divinely connected and more trusting than ever because you know that this path leads to joy, happiness and to joyfully doing your life’s work. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Gabriel

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