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New Segment! Notes from Chernise 1.1

Hey Guys!

First of all, please pardon the formatting. For some reason it's gone wonky on me so it's very, very basic but I'm still sending you a whole lotta love. My latest Angel exercise is alllllllmost up (please forgive it, it has summer-itis) and I've got some goodies for you in the form of juicy divine guidance so I hope you like it! Also, this is a rather long post but it's worth hanging in till the end ;) The Gift of the Green Monster A.K.A. Reasons to Love Jealousy Pt.1: Re-qualification OK, so this one is no joke (although I will try to throw some in). I don't know about you, but now that I've signed up for emails from loads of movers and shakers in the spiritual field, I've often been visited by the little green monster. These people are being of divine service to life while reaping loads of financial benefits and frankly it was pi**ing me off! Two very clear events from this experience led me to 1. Re-qualify the energy of this not-so-welcomed-friend (which is funnily enough the color of the heart chakra) and 2. Actually be grateful for it. The first experience was with a woman that I'd never met who sent me a weekly email. She and her partner created an email that felt like it was sent from a dear friend. It was clever, loving, full of helpful information and offered their services at relatively affordable rates. Between the talents of the two partners it seemed like they would be able to offer valuable assistance in the fields of nutrition, romance, business, life and more. The only issue was that each time I read these emails I had a hard time seeing the love because I felt so envious of how wonderfully everything was packaged (it even felt organic and not to package-y). So at the rate of one email a week, that energy was building itself into a veritable monster. Then one lovely day I was sitting on my bed reading one of her emails on my smartphone, when I felt such a strong feeling of envy and jealousy that it was almost palpable. I remember saying to myself, "What the heck am I doing? I don't even know this woman. All she's trying to do is send me love and further her business and I'm sending her energetic fireballs?!" I decided to put an end to it and I’ll give you the steps I followed so you’ll be able to do the same. 1) Call on Archangels Michael and Raphael to sever any cords of low-vibration energy that exist between you and this person. Whenever we connect with someone (it doesn’t have to be in person, there just has to be a strong energetic connection) we are sending them energy when we think of them. Since all energy you send out has to come through you, it’s worth working on what you're sending out because you will also feel the effects of the energy you give to others. 2) Ask for the Violet Flame to consume all energy that has been mis-qualified between you and this person (or situation) until it is all transmuted to love and light. Energy can be nether created nor destroyed so what's left to do with energy of the lower vibration nature? Re-qualify it! To find out more about the amazing powers of the Violet flame, click here: 3) Finally, send the fullness of the love of your entire Being (on all levels) to this person. You can visualize sending them pink & gold loving light, or just being happy, whatever. Just send them anything that feels like love (p.s. this will raise your vibration, too) This particular situation happened about three months ago. The wild thing is that about a week after I did this, I went to an amazing 1-day workshop for empowering women. During one of the day’s sessions I was paired up with a woman who I did a really powerful exercise with. I basically ended up bawling in this woman’s arms and she held the loveliest space for me the entire time. Afterwards, she even made an effort to include me in her group’s next exercise (even though I wasn’t supposed to be in her group.) At the end of the program we exchanged numbers and guess who she turned out to be? The woman that I had been sending the energetic fireballs too!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I've learned that the Universe can be very sly ;) In hindsight it all makes sense: I felt emotions of an intense vibration (envy, jealousy) and they were repeatedly directed at her. According to the law of attraction, it was just a matter of time before she manifested in my world in some form or other. But, because I re-qualified that energy with love, it changed the entire nature of my experience with her. I also know of other times where I didn’t clearly catch the energy I was sending out and when I met the object of those lower vibration energies, it didn’t turn out so well. Pt. 2: Gifts Galore! I’m really blessed to have some amazing people in my life now that also happen to be dear friends. But when the green monster poked his head up because of an awesomely crafted business email from a friend, I decided that was it. I immediately asked Archangel Raphael what was going on and what to do about it because I only want to radiate love to my friends. I’m paraphrasing Raphael’s answer because it was about a week ago, but this is pretty much it. When you feel high vibrations (eg. joy) about something that is how you know that you like it. The energy is calling you because it is a match. There are plenty of things in the world that you feel indifferent about (eg. bungee jumping, motor biking) and that is because they are not a match for you. By the same token, if there’s something that you want that you are close to achieving you will feel good. An example is if you want to weigh 180 pounds and you’re getting close to achieving that weight. If you want to weigh 180 pounds and you are nowhere near achieving that goal, you are likely to not feel as good and maybe even feel envious of people that are already at that weight. That is exactly what is happening here. The other person is experiencing something that you want to experience and for whatever reason you don’t feel that it is within your reach and because of that you feel envy. But the thing to know is that now you know for sure that you do want that thing. There is a reason that everything happens in the time and in the order that it does. There is a reason that that particular person got there before you. Maybe it is because they wanted to be of assistance to people in that area and if you re-qualify that energy they might even be able to become a mentor and shorten the process for you. You must trust that everything is happening in Divine order and as it should. Also, that person’s path is that person’s path. If you are following your guidance, you are on your highest path. If you are not following your guidance, you are still on your path. Your path will not become the other person’s path because it is not necessary and it is not desirable. Even if you do the same thing as another, the way that you manifest it will be unique and necessary to all of life. Also, since all parts of your life are arranged for your benefit (your growth, your joy, your freedom) that person is here as a GUIDE FOR YOU! Yes, that’s it! This person has been sent to assist you on your path in some way. Here is what you can say to them (in your mind is fine) when you see someone doing what you want to do and you catch the beginnings of birthing a low vibration emotion. Please note that you are saying this about the person as well as the thing that you were envious of. “Yes! Thank You! That is for me! Thank you for being a guide and showing me what I want!” Immediately afterwards, ask the Universe to assist you in obtaining that which you desire in the most joyful, effortless, loving and fastest way for the highest good of all concerned. This will help maintain high vibration connections between you and your loved ones as well as continually raise your own vibration, help you attract that which you desire to manifest at a faster rate (you were blocking it before with the lower vibration energy) and continue the practice of being aware of and owning your energy. AA Raphael Empowering, non? See what I mean about a gift :) The title of Marianne Williamson’s book, “A Return to Love” seems fitting because that’s pretty much the highest thing that we can do in any situation where we realize we’re not in a loving space: choose to return to love. If we look at everything as an opportunity to do this we will be amazed at how life transforms before our eyes.

So that’s it for now, My lovelies! Thank's so much for reading my blog and allowing me to give in a way that brings me such joy :)

I send you all loads of angelic hugs and I hope to see you during my September Specials! All the love! Chernise xoxo

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