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New Segment! Latest Message of Guidance from the Archangels/Ascended Masters

So yes Dear Ones, The message that we’d like to give to all today is along the lines of self care and also care for the people around you. There are many ways to take care of yourself and your world and you can either take care of yourself personally or you can do things to care for the things and people around you because all things are one thing and there is no one way to do something. So one of the best ways that you can care for others in a way that doesn’t neglect yourself or make you into a martyr is to thank the others for what they do for you – you don’t have to say this out loud to the person as long as you feel it in your being. When you look at them try to find things that you relate to or things that make you feel good about them and if you can’t seem to find anything, imagine them as a small child or rather see them happy for some reason: maybe when they won an award or the day of their marriage or whatever you can to imagine them doing well.


When you do that you are raising your vibration, of course, but whenever someone comes into your life, you are establishing a connection with that person and you will want to have as many loving connections as possible and as many connections where you see the truth as possible, also. For the truth of what you think you see is not what the truth is. We are all Divine creatures here to learn something and the fact that someone is in a bad mood or seems to have been mean to you does not mean that they are any less divine. You do not have to seek the person out that has been mean to you, but look to your heart to forgive them and imagine them happy in whatever way you can and that will do amazing things for you, your outlook, the things that you attract and experience and the nature of all of your relationships as well. Your Beloved Jesus

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