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Moving Forward: Exercise 5.2

Yes Dear Ones, Today’s exercise is going to be helpful for people that desire to express themselves but find it a hard thing to do at times. Imagine yourself outside on a clear day. You’re sitting at a bus stop, there is a bus coming and you want to get on this bus. It’s a shiny, red bus and from where you are seated you can see that the people on board are having a good time. The bus gets closer and this special type of bus only stops if you use your voice to yell out to the driver that you want to board. You try to do this but no sound comes out. You waive your arms frantically but the bus just goes by and you don’t understand. You move your hands to your throat and you suddenly realize that this has happened many times before but in different ways. You have been in situations where you’ve tried to say something and nothing came out or rather you were in situations where you thought about saying something but since you thought you wouldn’t be heard, you chose to say nothing. After doing that many times you find that your voice doesn’t seem to work at all and you even feel as if you are not being seen. You decide that this has to stop. You know that you have benefitted the lives of others and you know that you are worthwhile. Whatever that part is within you that says that what you have to say isn’t valuable has clearly been proven wrong by the simple fact that you can remember many times when what you have said has been of assistance to others. So you say to yourself, “I belong here, I am worthy and what I have to say matters! And not only does it matter, what I have to offer is crucial to Life. The lives of others may not be changed if I don’t say anything, but I will be changed if I don’t say anything and that stifled energy will affect life in ways that are not desirable.” You look up to the sky and it is blue and open and you see a few clouds pass bay. You realize that what you have to say can just be like the clouds: there doesn’t have to be an effort whenever you want to say something, you can just allow whatever you want to say to float out of your mouth with love and ease. You can let your words contribute to the beautiful design of life in the same way that the clouds contribute to the beautiful design of the sky. You thank the Universe for this lovely inspiration and you see another bus approaching. Not only is this bus also full of people that seem to be having a wonderful time, this bus seems somehow brighter. It’s painted with beautiful colors and seems to be full of light. As the bus comes closer you literally run out into the middle of the street and hold your hand out as if to say stop! Then you sing out, in the loveliest, surest voice you’ve ever heard, “Stop! I am here and I am worthy! I desire to get on your bus!” The bus comes to a complete halt and not only do the passengers get off of the bus (they look a bit astonished at first) but then they break out into applause. They rush towards you with open arms, laughs and warm hugs. They say to you, “Do you know how many times we had to ride by on that bus until you said something! It’s about time. Welcome aboard my friend!” Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Uriel

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