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Moving Forward: Exercise 5.1

So Yes Dear Ones, This is an exercise that will be helpful to people that feel they need to develop more courage to continue on their spiritual paths. The first thing to do is to imagine yourself surrounded by a large white bubble of light that extends three feet around you on all sides. Then imagine this bubble of white light slowly expanding outwards but also expanding inwards as if into your very DNA. Then imagine this light merging with every cell of your being and sounding a lovely note as it does. Once you feel that every part of your body is radiant with this light, feel your body’s cells expanding into a cloud of light that has no defining features – no face, no hair, and no appendages – just a beautiful cloud of white light. Next see and feel the beautiful light that you are slowly turn pink, then gold and finally blue. Then gradually see the molecules of light coalesce as your body begins to take shape again. When you have fully reformed, notice that even though most of you looks like your normal everyday self, your heart seems to still be glowing with light. And for some reason, whenever you look at others (regardless of whether you consciously like them or not) you seem to see that person’s heart and always make a loving heart connection with them. Also you find that every time you genuinely smile at someone your own heart sings and grows stronger and brighter. This is of great assistance because it is your soul and your heart that are your connection to the Divine and it is the Divine that wishes you to move joyfully along your path. And now, every time you do something that makes you feel good, your heart grows stronger and you become more easily drawn to your life’s purpose. This is an exercise that you can do whenever you like and also you can make it a practice to do things that make you happy even in your day to day lives. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Uriel

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