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Loving your Self: Exercise 8.3

So today’s exercise will help people feel more connected to their divinity and to express this feeling for the majority of the time. The first thing to do is to imagine yourself comfortable at home. Look around yourself and imagine that behind everything you see is a radiant, white light - like at a movie theatre when there is nothing on the screen. Then imagine that the things you are looking at are smiling at you. They are alive and happy and are just pretending to be things but are really a lovely type of consciousness that has agreed to play a specific role during your lifetime to help you achieve a certain degree of mastery while you are having this physical experience. Then you are to go to a vase or a book or anything that you love and/or find frequently in your surroundings and pick it up. When you look at it you say to yourself, “I do not see the illusion. I see the truth.” And then, while in your hands, this book turns into the loveliest being of love and laughter and smiles and giggles. You begin to giggle with it as if there is a joke that has finally made itself known. Then you notice a stool. Even though you see the shape of the stool it is as if you also see the being whose consciousness is supporting the existence of the stool on the physical plane. It is bowing to you, happy to be of service so you bow to this being in return. Then you gaze around and everything looks different. It is as if you are seeing the truth behind all things because they are no longer as they appear. It is as if a great mask has been covering the true nature of things in your life but this illusion no longer satisfies you. For example, it is no longer enough for you to see just a stool; you desire to see the nature of the beings that are adding to all the beings representing support in your life. You then think of a friend and feel such great amounts of love. You get the impression that this person is just one of many who have agreed to assist you in this lifetime. You even have the feeling that there has only, always been one Being of love who has taken on many forms in your life, even at the same time, to be able to radiate such great amounts of love to you. You realize that you are completely surrounded by love and your entire life changes in one moment. You feel as if you are completely connected to the truth of all of life because the illusion is unreal and you are now aware of it. However, the illusion has fed you for a while and you are grateful for that. It has brought you to this place of choice - of easy, effortless, love filled choice. You choose to continue to see the truth and you know your life will never be the same. You now have an amazing mastery of life because you know the truth that despite appearances, everyone and everything in your life is here to love and support you and that you are here to love and support everyone else as well. And because you are one with all things, by loving and supporting yourself you are able to fulfill your end of this loving requirement. You take a seat in your home and are filled with wonder and gratitude for the fact that you and your Divinity are one. You know that by seeing and continuing to see the truth, your perspective is Divine and that sourcing all of your actions from this perspective is an act of Divinity. With this lovely realization, you and all things are quite at peace. We love you dearly, Dear Ones. And you have probably figured out that this is not just a visualization. This is the true nature of things. You are Divine. It is time to know this. We love you, Archangel Haniel

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