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Loving Your Self: Exercise 8.2

Yes Dear Ones,

Today's exercise will be good for people that would like help deciding which activity to partake in next in their lives.

First, draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper. On the left side of the paper you should write why you want to do a particular thing and on the right side of the paper you should write the reasons you don't want to do the things that are on your plate. You can create a sheet of paper like this for each particular project on your plate.

You should then cross out the side that seems to be less convincing and make a decision based soley on that point. After the decision has been made, look at the sheet again and see how you feel about that decision. If the feelings are of joy or above you should stick with that decision and if the feelings are neutral or below you should change your selection.

The reasoning behind this is that you may think that you want to do things for particular reasons but We look at things as for your higest good at the current time in your life. If you make a decision based on feelings you will always be guided to where it is that you need to go next for your highest good. Sometimes in order to do that it helps to get clear about your mind's view point so you can look at it objectively and then get to the feeling place. That is why it is good to first elimitate the side with the weaker intellectual argument, then look at the result and then go with the instantaneous feeling that it inspires within you.

We love you dearly and will speak to you again soon.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Haniel

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