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Grattitude: Exercise #3.1

Yes Dear Ones, The very first thing for you to do is to give thanks for the things that are happening in your lives now that you are grateful for but not the way that you generally give thanks and not the things that you generally give thanks for. We want you to look at situations in your life that have not been so favorable and when you give thanks for them we want you to also: give thanks for all of the players involved; give thanks that you have come to forgive everyone so easily including yourself; give thanks for the lessons you learned; and give thanks that you have learned these lessons so well that there is no need to recreate them again in your lives. You can do this with each and every memory that you have, from the youngest age you can remember having any sort of adversity, as you may call it - from whenever you had emotions that have left you feeling shameful, sad, victimized, embarrassed, mad or whatever the feeling may have been. You are to give thanks that it happened and that even if you have not fully, consciously become aware of the gift that you have received from it, that you have nonetheless received it and have benefited from it on every level of your being. Also for the fact that since you have learned these things, they have benefitted the rest of Life as well. It is also good to give thanks for the memories having been lifted, or rather removed from all levels of your consciousness, as you may call it, and for having an increasing feeling of lightness that you did not expect. You should then look at the sky and see these memories leaving your body like little bubbles of grey light and rising to the sky where they become lighter and lighter and then completely disappear into the Great Central Sun where they are transmuted into Divine Love. Then you are to surround yourself with the Violet Flame, which you should see as at least three feet around you and above you, to consume any misqualified energy that may linger and this, Dear Ones, will bring you great results. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Your Beloved Jesus

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