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Divine Perspective: Exercise 7.1

So Yes Dear Ones,

This exercise will be good for people who wish to see their current situations in a way that is helpful for them.

First, see yourself outside standing within a large, absolutely translucent ball of light. You can see everything around you easily because it is as clear as glass. This ball seems to move with you wherever you go - when you walk outside, when you’re at home, when you sleep and somehow it always stays intact. Recently as you are going through your daily life, you notice that light comes through less and less clearly and that the glass is beginning to fog up. This ball is permanently set in place so there is no real way for you to see what is in front of you. You know that many things surround you but now you can’t see them at all. So what do you do? You stop. You don’t know how to proceed because you can’t see anything. You just sit there out of fear because you are not sure what is happening and you surely do not know how to maneuver safely without vision.

Then you have an idea! You thankfully remember that you are connected to some lovely, divine beings that may have a greater perspective than you. You visualize shooting up a beautiful beam of light that goes through this glasslike ball and connects you securely with your Divine Soul Being. As you think about this light, as you give energy and attention to it, you find that it grows stronger. You begin to feel more empowered even though you still cannot see in front of you, above you or behind you. As you stay in this beautifully grateful place you begin to feel that you have an expanded view and as if your eyes can sense what’s around you even though the clarity of the glass is still extremely low. You feel this so strongly that you decide to stand up and walk. Suddenly you sense that your home is nearby so you walk forward and extend your hand where you think the doorknob might be and, in fact, it is there. You feel amazed and in that moment a loving burst of light flows from you directly to your Soul Being and seems to enhance your trust in this connection. You open the door and walk to where you think the kitchen might be. You decide to go to the fridge to get some water and when you extend your hand you find that the fridge is exactly where you thought it would be. You feel another joyful burst of love and light that again enhances your trust in this Divine Presence and its ability to help you “see” without seeing. Finally you decide to walk out the back door and into your garden. You find the door where you expect it to be, you go outside and you kneel on the ground to give thanks to your Guidance for being so accurate. You decide that you will always trust this type of “seeing” over anything that you actually view in the world around you. As you do that, not only does the glass around you become clear, it actually disappears. In doing so, you are revealed a world that looks the same in some respects but is more vibrant and magnificent than you ever thought possible. You wonder why this is so you ask your Divine Presence. It says to you, “Dear One, because you have chosen to “see” with your real eyes and allow yourself to be Divinely Guided in all endeavors, the world has decided to show its true self to you. This world and all in it are yours and when you decide to look with your true senses, it will be revealed to you in ways that you never imagined.”

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,

Your Beloved Archangel Michael

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