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Divine Love: Exercise 6.9

Yes Dear Ones, So this one will be very helpful for people who seem to not know what they want to do with their life but would like to. First, see yourself standing outside in a field with a friend on a snowy day. You look at each other and then you say, “Well, what do we do? We’re here in the field and it is snowing. I wanted us to do something but it doesn’t look like we have many options.” Luckily you have a sled so you two get on the sled and slide down the hill together having a wonderful time along the way. When you get to the bottom you see your house so you decide to go in and take refuge from the cold. Again, you look at your friend and say, “Well, you didn’t answer before. What do you think we should do?” Your friend gets up and runs into the other room, so you follow. You begin playing video games and have a blast because this is the dance game you love. You are just having a wonderful time with each other and don’t even realize that you are stuck inside on a snowy day. Then after you danced for a while, and you have done as much dancing with that game as you can, you realize you are hungry so you both get a bite to eat. Then you say to your friend, “Well, I guess you’re not going to say anything or try to answer this question but I have to ask. What should we do today? The day is going by fast and we still don’t have a plan for what we are going to do.” Your friend takes a sip of the milk that he is drinking and smiles at you and says, “Really? Do you not see what is happening?’ So you ask, “What is happening?” and he says, “Sometimes it is nice to have a plan but sometimes it is enough to just take action of some sort, for when you do that you will be lead to something that brings you more joy than if you just stayed in the same place. It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we do something that raises our vibration and brings us joy.” And you say, “But what about plans and goals? What about those things? Aren’t they good and helpful?” Your friend says, “Yes. If you have a clear goal then yes, by all means, work toward it. Especially if it lights you up. But during those times when you don’t have a clear goal, sometimes it is best just to take action with things that will bring you joy and then before you know it you will be inspired to do something or come up with a goal. Does that make sense?” “Well, yes” you say. “Even while I asked you what we should do the last time, I was thinking about an idea I got for people when they are inside - a whole range of family games that they can do on rainy days that will keep them occupied and having fun together.” And your friend says, “Yes. That’s the spirit! Sometimes it is best just to keep moving in the direction of joy and you will be lead to the next inspiration. Sound good?” And you say, “Yes. Sounds good. Thanks!” Then your friend says, “Ok, now let’s get back to the dance game because I think I’m going to beat you this time!” You run off to the room to play with your friend, embracing your wonderful new learning about how to approach times when you don’t have clarity about what you want to do with the time in your life. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Your beloved Archangel Raphael

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