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Divine Love: Exercise 6.7

So this exercise is going to be for people that would like to open their hearts more to trust that life is truly here to support them in every way. First, see yourself sitting on a park bench on a lovely day. The air is crisp and the sky is blue. You look next to where you’re sitting and you notice that there is no one there. You are quite alone and you feel a bit lonely but somehow you don’t feel as lonely as you have before. Suddenly you feel that there is someone sitting next to you and you see a sort of a vague form of light that is filling itself out. Within minutes there is an Angel sitting next to you. She tells you to rest your head on her lap so you do and you suddenly feel transported. It is a strange feeling – you are in your body but at the same time you feel that you are not in your body. You feel light and overcome with love and you realize that the Angel is taking you somewhere. She is taking you to a beautiful area over the ocean to show you a screen on the sky. And as you look at it feeling very peaceful, without a care, and full of love you notice that she is showing you scenes from your life. The funny thing is that often there is so much light on the screen that you are unable to see the images clearly but somehow you are able to make out which parts of your life these scenes are from. You ask your lovely Angel why this is and she tells you, “Dear One, there is so much light on the screen because there were so many of us around you, lining up everything in your life so that you would go in the direction that was best for you and the most joyful.” You look at your Angel and ask about some particularly trying times in your life and the Angel says to you, “Really Dear One, those were the highest of all possible options. You needed to learn something and we shortened the experiences to the degree that were able to. More than anything, we were there to comfort you and to bring you peace because as you are creating your life and constantly asking to learn more, you are very open and also a powerful attractor drawing to you many circumstances and experiences. It is not for your highest good to experience all of them so we were there helping you to only allow ones that were for your absolute highest good. What you are left with, then, is the truth that if the experience is in your life, then it is there for a reason - either to help you grow or to show you how Divine you are.” You look at your Angel and say, “Really? Would you show me the time that my family left me and we were not communicating at all. That was quite painful for me.” And so you watch as the Angel shows you scenes of that time and you are amazed. It is as if everything that you said and every thought that you had was in some effect cushioned by the Angels and you could see where you almost chose non-supportive actions but they were there to guide you to believe that another option was possible. You were amazed and grateful for the times that you followed their guided steps and you saw what happened when you didn’t follow that guidance in the form of gut feelings that you chose to ignore. Weeping, you look at your Angel and say, “Thank you. Is there anything that I can do for you? This is breathtaking. This is truly amazing and I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me.” Your Angel simply says, “Trust yourself, for in fact, We are One. The Universe will speak to you THROUGH you so the more you trust yourself, the more you will know that you are on the right track. That is the best you can do for me because we are always there to help you and nothing thrills us more than for you to reap the benefits of following your Inner Guidance. Except for maybe possibly a hug.” Smiling, you hug your Angel and suddenly find yourself back on the bench by yourself. Only now you feel more loved, more cared for and more trusting than you ever have. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Raphael

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