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Divine Love: Exercise 6.5

Yes Dear Ones, Today’s exercise will be for people who desire to open their heart and trust a bit more. First, see yourself standing outside in the rain with an umbrella. You are dry but you look around and see that there are many other people getting wet because they don’t have umbrellas. They wonder what to do and so you call to someone that is standing near you and offer some space under yours. They fit under the umbrella and you’re very surprised at that because the umbrella is quite small. You call to some others standing nearby in the rain and you tell them that there seems to be a bit of room left and so they run under your umbrella and they miraculously seem to fit. You feel grateful for this because you truly don’t want people to get wet. There doesn’t seem to be any real cover for a distance so you are glad to be able to be of service. Then a few others have seen that there is room under your umbrella so they run to you and ask if they can fit. You say, “Of Course,” because you know in your heart that as long as there is room you will offer that space to anyone who needs it and somehow they also manage to fit with still a little room left underneath this beautiful umbrella that would normally fit only one person. Then you see two more people with a little girl who are huddled near a wall and you call to them to come over to your umbrella. They run over and they fit, too and everyone is smiling and saying that they don’t believe that they can all fit under your umbrella. And then two more people run over and as they do, you look up and see that your umbrella is expanding as you look at it. And for a second you can see that your Beloved Soul Being who resides above you is smiling and winking at you and you feel so loved and protected. Then you lovingly and easily yell at others that are caught in the rain to come under your umbrella and everyone fits and has the best time because they are all amazed at what is happening. One of the people turns to you and smiles warmly and says, “You must have a very lovely heart.” You ask why and the person says, “Well, as far as I know, when your desire is great the Universe will always conspire to assist you and when you desire so strongly for others, the universe will never desert you. It will always accommodate your loving request so that you are able to do what it is you desire to do without your even knowing exactly how to do it. You simply had to have the desire to be of service and the Universe provided the how.” You smile at the person and say thank you as the others around you begin to smile and applaud the girl with the Beautiful Heart and the Magic Umbrella of Love. We love you dearly. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Raphael

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