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Divine Love: Exercise 6.2

Yes Dear Ones, This will be good for people who seem to have a lot on their shoulders and often don’t know how to proceed. Imagine yourself outside on a beautiful day. You look around and see a beautiful road, an enticing forest, some playground swings and a little stream all of which seem to be calling to you equally. But instead of feeling joyful at all of the prospects on your plate you seem to feel undecided and stuck. You don’t know which one to do first and that sort of upsets you. There were times before when you would have easily chosen one over the others or would not have cared about which one you chose. But whatever the reason, you only feel that this is not the most fun place to be in. You suddenly feel yourself surrounded by a loving, white light so you turn around and see a beautiful angel. He calls you toward him, smiles and says to you, “Dear One, do you know what this is? You are in the middle of so much love that you don’t know what to let allow itself to love you first. Should you let the stream lull you to frolic by its side, should you let the swing sway you back and forth into a peaceful daze, should you walk down the road and see where it leads because the horizon is so beautiful or should you let the forest tease you with its beautiful foot paths and lovely trees?” Then you look at your angel with a question on your face implying that you don’t understand. Your angel looks at you and says, “Dear One, whenever you are in such a space it may feel overwhelming at times but that is really just a place where you have asked for many things to happen and you just happen to be an energetic match for all of them at the same time. In such a place it really doesn’t matter which one you start with but the fact that you’re not taking action causes you to create an energy state that is undesirable. The longer you’re in that place, the sooner you will no longer be a match for these wonderful things. It is good to know that as long as you're an energetic match, and whatever you decide to do first, the others will happily wait for you to give them your loving attention. And if you’d like more guidance you can always ask us. But the truth is that your perception plays a huge role in this process so look at this as the wonderful gift that it is and you will find that it is easy to move forward. It is simply like walking into your closet and picking an outfit to wear today. You can wear an entirely different outfit tomorrow if you desire and there is no need to be attached to either one. If you are going to be attached to anything, let it simply be to the fact that you will pick something that you like and that you will enjoy while you are wearing it." We love you dearly and will speak to you again soon. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Raphael

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