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Divine Love: Exercise 6.14

Yes Dear One,

Today’s exercise will be good for people who feel they need to trust more but don’t seem to be able to believe that they already trust.

First see yourself standing in a puddle of water. It is a rainy day and you have on rain boots so your feet aren’t wet but the rest of you is. You look across the street and see some shelter so you decide to head over. As you are walking across the street (you have already checked and don’t see any cars coming) you begin to wonder why you are here, what you’re doing in life and what you want to achieve. You check in with your Inner Guidance to see what some of those answers might be and in fact they line up with things that you already subconsciously knew you wanted. You continue across the street but when you get to the other side you begin to feel a bit down. You wonder if you are on the right track in your life and why things aren’t moving faster in your life than they are and you come to the conclusion that it’s because you don’t trust enough.

Then suddenly you feel that you are in the company of a Divine Being and soon afterwards you see a beautiful ball of light before you. You feel overcome with love and you look at this lovely being who is smiling back at you. He says to you, “Dear One, you have no idea where you are or how far you’ve come. You are always in the process of comparing yourself with others so you don’t truly know where you are on your own path. Come let me show you something.” So you take this lovely Being’s hand and he guides you to a nearby pond. As you look down into the pond you begin to see all the times in your life when you had gut feelings or inspirations that you followed and also the times that you didn’t. But you notice that lately the times that you didn’t follow them are fewer and fewer and that it appears that you almost always follow your instincts these days. You are a little bit surprised and you say, “But I thought that I needed to trust more or that things would look differently or I that I would feel differently when I trusted fully.” “Dear One,” your Divine Guide says, “You already trust. There is no degree of trust – either you do or you don’t. And you do. Moreover, you value that guidance and you follow it and THAT is what is important. You seem to believe that it would feel differently or should look differently but that is because you are in the process of comparing yourself or your journey to something that you believe to be the highest path. But Dear One, the only truth path you need to concern yourself with is your own and if you are following your Divine Guidance you are already on THE highest path for you. This is it. And as long as you continue to follow the small impulses and inspirations you receive you ARE trusting. We are ever grateful for that and we would love for you to give thanks for the trust that you already have rather than believing that you aren’t doing a good job or looking for ways you don’t trust enough. Will you do that for us?" You smile and laugh and can barely talk because you feel so joyful but you finally say yes. Your Diving Being says to you, “Well, that is all we can ask. We love you so very much, Dear One.” And with that, the Divine Being and his beautiful ball of light vanish from your sight although you still feel his energy around you to help guide you forward. We love you dearly.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Raphael

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