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Divine Love: Exercise 6.10

This exercise will be one for when you feel that you’ve gotten off track and you would like to get back on. The first thing to do is to close your eyes and see yourself standing in a white circle of light that expands until it’s about 10 feet on either side of you. Then look upwards and imagine that you can see a tunnel of light that connects you directly to your Divine Soul Being. Then imagine a lovely silver cord, a blue cord and also a gold cord of light extending down this tunnel and then anchoring in your heart. From that point you should open your eyes and get a pen and paper. Draw a large circle on the paper and in the center you should draw a dot. This dot is to represent you. Around that dot you should draw little stars or circles and these represent the many options and directions that you can take in your life. From the center of the circle until the external edge of the circle, draw a straight line and know that any type of line you draw between you (the dot) and your connection to God (the edge of the circle) will represent your spiritual path. Then pick any stars that you feel drawn to and connect them in any fashion you like as long as the line begins in the center and continues to the edge. You can spiral around, you can draw a straight line between you and the edge, you can sort of squirrel around a bit – whatever you’d like to do. Underneath the circle you should write, “This is my path of highest joy. This is what I have come to do in this lifetime and I decree and declare that I am worthy of this wonderful journey. I will do whatever I possibly can to stay on this path because it is truly for my absolute highest good and greatest joy as well as for the absolute highest good for of all of life. I give thanks that this path is presented so clearly to me and is also easy for me to find my way back to if I feel that I have strayed a bit.” You can simply hang this drawing somewhere you see it on a regular basis or keep it handy for whenever you find that you’ve fallen a bit off track. Whenever you choose to look at it, first see yourself surrounded by the large circle of light with the cords and tunnel of light that connect you to the Divine, then look at the image you drew and then read what you wrote with your own hands underneath the image. You will be amazed at how this helps you to stay on track. We love you dearly and will speak to you soon. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Your Beloved Archangel Raphael

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