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Divine Love Exercise: 6.11

Today’s exercise will be good for people who feel that they do not believe that things are happening for their highest good and would like some assistance. First, see yourself standing in a room that is orange and has many doors. You don’t know which one to go through, for in fact you do not know where you want to go. There is a sort of general feel of hopelessness because you don’t even know why you are here. You know that you want to move forward but having no goal and not knowing where any of the doors lead anyway is sort of a conundrum. You look upwards and see the ceiling and then it is as if you can see the sky through the ceiling. You have a feeling of expansiveness that you did not have before and you wonder where this feeling comes from. So you look within and it is as if you feel the tiniest seed of light within your being that says, “Listen to me. I am here and I am of value.” While still experiencing this feeling of expensiveness you tune into the little, light, voice that seems to be speaking to you within. It is barely a whisper but that voice says that you want to feel good and that you want to do something related to the arts. Then you look at yourself and the little voice and say, “Really? I’ve never been interested in the arts before. I only know that I like math and that I would like to be of assistance to others. But this voice within me is saying “Art” and I feel good about that so I guess I will listen to that voice.” Then you look back at the doors and it is as if there are labels on the doors now and you know that you didn’t see them before or rather you don’t think that you saw them before. You see one that is marked with the words “Art” so you decide to walk through that door and when you go through you feel amazing. You find that there are many people doing things that are related to the arts and you feel connected to the people and to what they are doing in a way that you had never imagined. You begin to talk to someone about what they are doing and before you know it you are in the employ of some lovely people who do some lovely things and you feel wonderful. So you are walking around feeling good about the fact that you listened to this voice or even that you noticed that it was there and just by acknowledging that little voice you feel its call again. It says to you “Love” and you wonder what it means by “Love” because you feel that you love what this job is offering you and you love the people you work with but you listened to the voice before and it brought you someplace wonderful so you decide to listen to it again. Then you turn around and notice that people seem to have words floating above their heads and you definitely didn’t see that before. There are only a few people that are nearby whose words you can read clearly but there is one person that approaches and you can see the word “Love” floating above their head. More importantly, you can feel the love emanating from that person. You introduce yourself and you strike a friendship over time. You find that it is not a love relationship in the sense of romantic love but there is a friendship so deep and honest and so healing that is clearly love. So again you thank the little light within for presenting itself to you and for the fact that when you acknowledged it and decided to follow it, even without knowing how, there was a way presented for you. Then you seem to hear it speak again simply because you were thinking about it and this time the voice says, “Now.” You wonder what it means but you say to yourself, “Well, it is speaking and I am committed to listening. So,…“Now.” What does this mean?” And in the instant you ask you feel as if you are connected to all of life. You feel, see, hear and understand things in a way that you never knew possible. You can see how all of life is connected and how every event that you experienced has brought you to this wonderful spot in your life. And how “Now” is in fact the best place to be for here there is no worry, you are provided for, you have the most power to love and to do what brings you your highest joy, and to be of assistance to others. Again you thank this little light within which you realized isn’t so little anymore and you give thanks that you now know and you trust and believe - because you have seen, felt and experienced that truth - that you are divinely guided. You know that there is more to life than you believed previously and that if you follow your internal voice, you will be lead to the most miraculous of experiences. Also, you will be able to spread the light of that truth out into the world just by the simple fact that you believe. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Your beloved Archangel Raphael

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