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Divine Love: Exercise 6.1

Yes Dear Ones, This will be helpful for people that tend to feel they are alone and would like to feel that there is more love for them in the world. First, close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a loving pink and gold light. See that light expand until it is about 10 feet wide on either side of you. As you do this, six small lights seem to present themselves out of this beautiful circle that surrounds you. These lights continue to expand and then each one materializes into a beautiful Archangel. The one that is closest and is surrounded in pink light comes to you and says, “Please rest your head on my shoulders and feel comforted. You may not see me in this form in your physical world but know that I am always with you. I will give you strength to carry on even when you feel that you are unloved. It is quite untrue that you are unloved but I know that it is a feeling you may experience so now I will pass this gift to you.” And as your head is on his shoulder you can feel this beautiful energy being transferred to you. You say, “Thank you,” and then bow to the beautiful being. The next Angel who is surrounded by gold light walks up to you and says, “Please lay your head on my lap and feel comforted. I am giving you the gift of vision so that you will always see love around you, especially when you seem to not feel it. I will always send you signs of love so that you will see it from strangers, from your loved ones, even in things that you read. I want you to see with your eyes that you are loved because I know that often humans need to see something in order to believe it. I give this gift to you.” You feel this beautiful transference of energy being given to you and you say, “Thank you,” and bow to this beautiful being. The next one, surrounded by fuchsia colored light says to you, “Dear One, I love you greatly and will give to you to the gift of a powerful heart. In the face of perceiving lack of love from others, your own love for yourself and others will be so great that you will not feel the lack of love. This will get you through the toughest trials because you will know that your own love is great and that it is sourced from the Divine.” You feel this lovely transference of energy, say, “Thank you” and hug this wonderful being of light. Then the next one surrounded by a green light approaches you and says, “Dearest One, we love you greatly and I will give the gift of joy to you. For it is often hard to feel unloved if you feel greatly joyful. It is an untruth that you are not loved but we will endeavor to give you a great feeling of joy so that you will not fall into the illusion of feeling unloved quite so frequently.” You feel this Angel surround you with his light and you feel so joyful that you could burst. You say, “Thank you” to this lovely being and then he steps aside. Then the next Angel surrounded in purple light approaches and it is a great light indeed. He says to you, “Dear One, I will transfer the feeling of faith to you. For whatever happens, if you have great faith nothing is impossible. You will always know the truth and that the truth exists even if you don’t feel it or see it or if you don’t feel joyful. You will know that the truth exists because you have faith so this is the gift I give to you. I love you greatly.” You stand still and this beautiful being extends light out from his heart and surrounds you with it. As he does, you feel faith like you never have before. You say, “Thank you” almost in tears and then next being approaches. An Angel surrounded by blue light approaches you and without even saying anything, simply surrounds you with a loving, blue ray of light. You can feel that this light is strengthening your connection to the Divine so that you will receive messages even more clearly than you receive them now. When you know that you are connected to the Divine you cannot feel unloved for long. Even if you feel a little unloved, before you know it you will be receiving communication that is from such a loving place that you can never feel that sad and alone again. You say thank you and bow to this beautiful being. Then all of these beings surround you and say to you, “Dear one, we will also be with you in your physical world and we will work through the people that already exist in your life." To help remind you that they are with you, the first Archangel turns into the face of one of your closest friends, the second Archangel turns into the face of another good friend, the third Archangel turns into the face of your mother and the fourth Archangel turns into the face of your father and the fifth Archangel turns into the face of your mentor and the sixth Archangel turns into your very own face. They say to you, “We may not look as you would think we should look but we are all Divine Beings here to show you that you are also Divine and that you are so very loved.” We love you so greatly and we are always here with you. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Your Beloved Archangel Raphael

P.S. If you desire to feel any of the Archangels' gifts more strongly, simply surround yourself with the particular color associated with them.

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