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Divine Guidance: Exercise 4.5

Ok Dear Ones,

This visualization is going to be very important for people that desire to see themselves differently or rather desire to see who they truly are beyond what it is that they are used to. Imagine yourself outside on a day that is very windy. You are having trouble seeing because of all of the leaves that are blowing so you decide to look within for guidance on how to navigate your direction. You ask your inner guidance which direction it is best that you go and you follow the guidance you receive for as long as you can. You continue a bit further but you have too much trouble seeing so you walk into a little café that you find. There are only a few other people inside who are also seeking shelter from the wind. You go up to the person behind the bar and the barista says, “Wow, I’m so glad that you’re here. We’ve been waiting for someone like you to come help us. I can tell that you have a great heart and great vision because you were able to make it this far.” You look at the person behind the bar and laugh and say, “Who me? No, I just came in because I wanted to go somewhere but the wind was too fierce and I couldn’t go further so I stopped in here.” Nonetheless the person behind the bar comes around and hugs you and tells everyone that you made it through the wind and you wonder why this is a big deal. You notice that on the radio they are talking about how damaging the winds are and you ask where you are. They tell you and you realize that you have come much, much further than you thought you had simply because you were following your inner guidance rather than focusing on what was going on around you.

Then the person says to you, “Here, take this coffee. It is very invigorating. I would offer you more but we are all out of what we have at the moment. Please tell us your story.” You begin to tell of your journey and they look at you amazed and you begin to become aware that who they are seeing is different from who you believe yourself to be. You tell them, “I’m very sorry but I do not believe that I am worthy of all your kind admiration. Yes, I made it here but that is normal. I just followed my inner guidance and arrived here with almost no problem.” The people look at you and ask, “What is this inner guidance? It does not feel familiar to me but if that is your connection to the Divine, I would like that, too.” So you tell them the story of how you came to be so clearly connected with your Source and while doing so you can feel their hearts lighting up around you. You can see their eyes widen and that they are becoming more hopeful. Also within their eyes is a reflection of yourself that you had never before seen, but nonetheless is a true reflection of you. You excuse yourself for a moment and go to a back room and look upwards and say, “God, is that what you wanted me to see? And if so, thank you. I am willing to see who I truly am. And here, amongst these gentle people, I have realized that I have come a great distance, and not just in the physical distance it took to reach this café. Thank you greatly. I am now ready to see myself as I truly am and be of service according to your highest wishes. For me it is a joy and I am grateful to be a part of your higher will.” Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Chamuel

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