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Divine Guidance: Exercise 4.4

Today’s visualization will be helpful for people that want to look within but are finding it a bit difficult or rather are finding themselves stopped at doing the work because they don’t feel that they are worthy or will stick to the program. The first thing to do to see yourself outside safely under a tree while it is raining. You are not sure what to do because even though you really want to go home, you are in a large field that is far from your home and you are rather safe where you are. You wonder, “Is it worth it for me to go out in the rain and get wet just so I can go home or should I stay under the tree where it is dry and safe but possibly be here for hours. I know what awaits me at home is wonderful but the weather is a bit odd and I’m sure it’s very dangerous.” Suddenly, a Being of Light descends and joins you under the tree and says to you, “Dear One, if you want to go home I will help you, but it is up to you to make the decision. If you desire to stay here, I will protect you and keep you safe.” So you think about it and you can feel that this lovely Being is telling you the truth and will support you either way, so you decide to go home. You tell this lovely Being of Light your choice and you set out into the rain. At first you find that the rain is rather cold and sharp and it is windier than you thought. But you turn around and your Being of Light is right there behind you making sure that you are safe, even if things feel a bit unpleasant at the time. You continue forward. Soon you begin to slide in the mud but you don’t fall. You check behind you and your Lovely Being of Light is still right there to protect you, just as it said it would. You move forward with more courage. Then you approach a river that you had forgotten about. It is normally quite easy to cross on a sunny day but it seems to be more difficult with the wind and the rain. You look at your Being of Light and say, “I can’t do it. The current is moving too swiftly at this time.” And your lovely Being of Light says to you, “Since you want to go home, I will help you. Here, come into my arms and I will carry you.” You walk into the arms of your Divine Being and he carries you safely to the other side. The entire time you are in this Being’s arms you feel safe and warm and dry and loved and protected. And when he puts you down, you feel so full of love and gratitude that the skies literally begin to clear, the wind dies down, the air warms up and you hear a few birds chirping as the rain fades into a light mist. Now you can clearly see your home and it appears much closer than you remember. You know that you can make it home safely but your lovely Being of Light doesn’t leave - he is still with you. He walks you to your home and even comes into your home with you. You know, of course, that this is your home but it looks brighter, feels clearer and seems to be bursting with love. You feel inspired just by being here and find yourself with an increasing sense of peace. You look at your Being of light and say, “Thank you. I don’t think I could have made this journey alone.” Your Being of Light says, “You needn’t worry about that – you will never have to make the journey alone. Just look to your heart and let it be your guide. When you do, you will always have the help you need.” Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Chamuel

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