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Divine Guidance: Exercise 4.3

So Yes Dear Ones, We would like for you to see yourself on top of a mountain on a clear day and when you look around you can sort of see a tree line below a certain point on each mountain that surrounds you. You wonder why that is and you also wonder, what in fact brought you to where you are now: this wonderful place of clarity and connection and truth and feelings of great joy. You look down your own mountain and see that yours has a tree line as well. You feel that the trees may hold the answer to your question so you decide to approach them and see what’s there. You begin to walk down the mountain and soon you find that these lovely trees look much larger than when you were atop the mountain. You keep going further into the trees and you see so many things that you had almost forgotten about: each tree seems to represent things that you overcame in your life to get to the point where you are now. You see trees that represent the struggles that you had, the joys that you experienced, the people that came and left in your life and the lessons they taught you. The further you go down the mountain, the more you see but you see these experiences from the most miraculous vantage point - a place of utter love. When you were experiencing these for the first time all you could see was what you were experiencing in the moment. Things looked so dim and you seemed to feel helpless sometimes although there were also rays of light. The thing that you see now is that every single one of the experiences was necessary to bring you to the top of your mountain, this wonderful place where you are now, where you feel so good and are able to be of assistance to so many people. You finally find your way to the base of the mountain and all you see there is beautiful grass. You knew that this grass was there all along but now you feel very clearly the energy that this grass represents: life, love, support, inspiration, worth and connectedness. You feel overwhelmed with love, for you know this is your true foundation. You also know that you can return to your place of clarity with ease whenever you desire so you don’t perceive any struggle in returning. You know that so much of where you are now has to do with every single place that you were before and that it is always that way for everyone. You feel overcome with gratitude for all of life and your life’s journey in particular. You return to the top of your mountain with an even clearer desire to share this information with others who may be struggling through their own forest yet who are currently not able to see their mountain top. It brings you unimaginable joy to be of such Divine assistance and even increases your feelings of love and sense of purpose. The light that you shine is literally a beacon for others who are on their way to their very own peaks so that they, in turn, can be lights for others. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Chamuel

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