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Divine Guidance: Exercise 4.2

The first thing for you to do is to imagine yourself sitting in front of an ocean on a clear day. Then you look at the sky and notice that the two seem to be a mirror of each other. You then wonder if in some ways life on earth is a mirror of life in what you would call Heaven. There are many different energies on Earth and there are many different energies in Heaven although the vibration of the energies in Heaven is much higher. Then you look at the water again and say, "Hmm...I wonder how deep it goes?" Then you try to imagine the tiniest, deepest crevices of the ocean floor and the smallest forms of life you can imagine there. Then you look at the sky and wonder, "I wonder how big it is?" So you think of the solar system, and that system as being only a minute part of a larger system, and there being multitudes of these systems in even greater systems so that your feeling of the expanse of life is infinite. Then you are to look at yourself and say, "Wow, I am only very small and yet I am apparently loved so much and worth so much that the Universe fulfills my every need when I allow it to. There must be some grand design to life that I am not yet aware of, but I am sure that this amazing, expansive system has been here long before I was a human on this Earth. I am going to look to it for guidance for I now know that I must be loved - I see it clearly. I now know that I have been guided - I see that clearly too. And now I choose to know that I am worthy. The Universe, in all of its greatness, has chosen to listen to my every thought so now I choose to value every part of my being as worthy of that love and attention." Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, AA Chamuel

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