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Abundance with AA Ariel

The funny thing is that most of us have so many reasons why we don't or can't have money that we first need to do a bit of an intervention so that we actually believe in the possibility of more money. There's no Universal Law that says we can have anything we desire except for money so basically, we're the ones setting up the roadblocks. The blocks may come from our desire not to emulate the wealthy that we perceive as being stuck up, crooks, luckier than we, etc. (which may or may not be true - we're all human, after all!) Some people may believe that acquiring financial wealth is not "spiritual." Others just don't feel worthy of having wealth. The blocks may come from any number of perceptions but with regards to the wealthy, the simple truth is that somehow they've latched onto the right set of thoughts and beliefs to believe, in order to experience wealth. Money alone does not ensure happiness, but our intent is to create a thought platform that attracts wealth and increases our experience of joy, at the same time. It might help to know that everything we desire already exists in an energetic state (I like to think of everything as being "Just Behind Door Number 1!") The more we can see, feel, hear, smell, taste ourselves having something, the sooner it will come into our world as an experience. It is to be noted that the feeling with which you clothe these senses denotes how you will experience it in your world (so it behooves you to aim for the feeling of joy!) This first tool was given to me by AA Raziel. All you need are a pen, a notebook and a place where you feel relaxed so you can get to work. Remember, a few hours of committment to yourself now can bring some wonderful experiences in the very near future!


Step 1: Make a list of all of the things that you really want to attain in life pertaining to wealth. ---e.g. House in the south of France, own my own business, etc. Step 2: Make a list of the lessons you would learn if you used this entire lifetime to attain these items. ---e.g. Self worth don’t come from pleasing others, etc. Step 3: Make a list of things and activities so outrageously expenisive that you think you could never have them(even if you don’t really want them – just humor us!) ---e.g. Yacht, personal driver, private jet, etc. Step 4: Take a few moments to visualize yourself doing all of the things in Step 3. ---e.g. Fun tip: imagine yourself being interviewed by Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous while doing these things. Step 5: Make a corresponding list of beliefs that you think one must have have in order to attract the items/experiences in Step 3 into one's life. ---e.g. They must value themselves highly, they respect all of their boundaries Step 6: Rewrite these thoughts in the form of an affirmation pertaining to yourself. ---e.g. I value myself immensly, I set very clear boundaries and always honor them After you've completed steps 1-6, you'll want to repeat them two more times. Just make sure to wait at least a day in between (this helps you get really clear). Finally, look at your final list of affirmations from step 6. Starting at the top, pick one and repeat it to yourself all day, as many times as possible. The following day, pick the second affirmation and say or think it to yourself all day. You'll want to do this until you've gone through all the affirmations on your list. The shift has begun! Feel free to post any learnings, experiences, road bumps or successes you experience while doing these exercises. We are all here to support each other and we all ROCK! May all of our lights SHINE and may we truly experience the feeling of being the wonderful gifts to life that we are! ROCK ON and see you next week!


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